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  1. Hello, everyone.

    My name is Dixon Yamada.

    I practice Law out of Las Vegas Nevada. Been doing this for about 16 years.
    My friend and client Lanny has asked me to come onto this website to assist him with his matters of law. He wants me to come here myself to ascertain his options so that I could help him with his matter at hand.

    With that being said, please do not assume I am here to cause trouble. After all, I am a fan of the WWE and its brand. I have helped a few superstars in the past with legal matters such as infringement. My time here will be both fun and professional.

    I look forward to talking with you when I have the chance. I'm on sparingly as I do have quite the workload.

    good day to you all!

    D. Yamada
  2. Hey Dixon, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this.

    Words of advise.

    Most of the people here are younger and from overseas.

    Locker room is where the non wrestling stuff happens.
    Federation X is some sort of fantasy thing...
    The other wrestling sections are clearly labeled
  3. Seriously? Why are you posting in your wrestling persona?

    how do you expect these people to take you seriously if your portraying a wrestling character?
    I highly recommend that you change your name to your non ring name, it makes it look like you are simply poking fun are not serious about your claims.
  4. That is true.

    I decided to use my ring persona because it seemed like a natural thing to do. I have to apparently wait 500 or so posts before I can change it. I dunno, it kind of grows on me the more I see it. Getting to live out my youthful exuberance kinda makes me smile
  5. It just seems asinine to me.

    I suggest switching it.
  6. Ill ask tomorrow if its possible, i am really tired right now. Had an early flight and since we were up late in discussions, I haven't gotten a lot of sleep, I think I am off to bed though. Gnight
  7. Very well, good night.

    Next time lets talk on something other then the forums though.
    You have my number.
    I am going to look around on here.
  8. Welcome to the forums, you seem like a.....smart one. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. Smart is measured in many ways.

    I hope I can be a good contributor
  10. This thread confuses me.
  11. Welcome, I hope you can help Larry with his mission to stop his brother's name from being tarnished. Enjoy your stay here, I look forward to your input and will be willing to help with any of your investigations.
  12. [​IMG] - Banned for the multi accounts.

    So you're a 30 year old man Darkside / Lanny who owns a business and has a family but you're mocking someone who has admitted to having learning difficulties on a wrestling forum? Banter is all good but now you're acting like a joke. Grow up please. I know Randy has rubbed some people the wrong way but it is usually dealt with, see his threats to leave the forum as an example in the Locker Room, just stop with the gimmick stuff.
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