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  1. Hey guys, Draine (Doug Raine) here. I'm a big wrestling fan and am happy to find a place where I can discuss what's going on in the world of the WWE.

    I've only been a fan for 3 years, but I've learned what wrestling can and should be. Therefore, I'm a very negative critic of wrestling nowadays, although Smackdown has proven since Michael Hayes was replaced that they can book a very good show. Raw, meanwhile, is absolutely dreadful. But I love the art of wrestling, and continue to watch for that shining hope that keeps us all fans of the WWE. I'll give credit where credit is due.

    I currently believe Impact is the far superior product, but this is WWEForums and therefore I'll stick to WWE.

    Favorite Superstars:
    1. Drew Mcintyre
    2. Cody Rhodes
    3. Dolph Ziggler
    4. Tyson Kidd
    5. Justin Gabriel
  2. We discuss Impact also. So don't feel you have to stick to WWE.
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  3. Welcome to the site Draine! Although our domain is wweforums we do discuss TNA in the "Other Wrestling" section, it'll soon have its own section once we get enough content for it :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Also, I agree, SmackDown has improved a lot but it still has more room to improve. Big Show being in the last 8 WHC matches is proof of that. Though the show averages more wrestling every week than RAW (apart from 2 weeks ago) and is building feuds pretty well.

    As for RAW, I also thought it was dreadful recently up until last week. I think last week was the best show in years for RAW, my opinion though. I'm also a big fan of Rhodes and Ziggler, really warming up to McIntyre too :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Hope you're active here bud.
  4. If the experience is enjoyable, I'll keep coming. Thanks.

    Smackdown's main-event scene need quite a bit of work, although the Big Show-Mark Henry feud was some entertaining stuff.
  5. I disliked that until the ring collapsed. It ruined Henry completely, the main reason I watched SD at the time. Though, that ring-collapsing spot was a mark-out moment for me. I know it's happened before, but I never saw it live like this one :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. I thought it was fine after that, because the "monster" looking cowardly when staring down Big Show is actually believable. The added touch of Mark Henry beating up on little Daniel Bryan every week while cowering from Big Show was a nice touch to help his character remain what it was. (Much like the Wade Barrett/Sheamus/Jinder Mahal "feud".)
  7. You like a good set of wrestlers. I like your current 5 favorites. Tyson Kidd should get a push of some sort, instead of jobbing all the time. Welcome to WF!
  8. A legend was born...
  9. And after more than a year... :emoji_heart: