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  1. Hello all. A huge WWE fan here and also a massive fan of the old WWF when it was in action. Favourite wrestlers would include Stone Cold and Randy Orton.

    Love the forum, looks great and I hope to get to know some of you.
  2. Hello man welcome to the site and thanks for joining :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Stone Cold is also my favourite of all time, and I'm also a big fan of Orton now, especially his wrestling ability this past year.

  3. Welcome to WWEforums mate.
    Attitude era was great and also SCSA was one of my favorite wrestlers.

    Enjoy your stay :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Welcome to the site, hope to get to know you more too :emoji_grin:. I also love Randy Orton, woo.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys.
  6. You watching RAW live tonight Nova?
  7. I will be yes Crayo, are you?
  8. Yep :emoji_slight_smile:.

    We'll be taking part in this thread during RAW :emoji_slight_smile:. Hope to see you there.

  9. I'll be there.
  10. Woo, quite a few people in that thread tonight then. Everyone seems excited for the return of whoever's behind those "It Begins" vignettes.
  11. Sounds awesome :emoji_slight_smile:.