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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am brand new here. My name is Jesse, and I live in New York with my lovely fiancé. We just recently had our first child together, a little boy. I also have another son & daughter from a previous relationship that I love dearly. My fiancé and I enjoy watching WWE together. We have seen a few live events as well together.

    Chat soon,
  2. Hey, Jesse.
    Welcome to the forum! Also, congrats to you and your wife on the newborn! :bodallas:
  3. Hey-yo

    Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here!
  4. Welcome to the site. Hope you have a swell time.
  5. Hola, welcome to WWEF!
  6. Thank you for the welcome everyone! Our newest little one is definitely keeping us busy...as if we weren't already! Watching WWE is basically "me" time, at this point. It's sort of nice.
  7. First congrats on you baby boy and also welcome here. I am new here as well and this place is great.
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