Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by impactking, Apr 13, 2016.

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  1. Hello and yes, I did come from TWF, But some things from that site I want to leave in the past and start anew.
    So let's start I'm impactking or just Impact, I been a wrestling fan for almost all my life and I'm an ex-backyard wrestler, I write a BTB that was crap, But I feel it's better and I hope to move it here.
    I Don't know how the E-Fed works But I had two characters for my e-fed life and If I can carry them over.
    I Watch as much wrestling, I watch all the mains shows so like 10 plus hours a week.

    My other hobbies are Anime and Manga I'm an art head .
    And I'm a huge gamer and in my promos, I used these two facts a lot.
    I Hope this new start helps a lot in rebuilding the wrestling space online.
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  2. Welcome impact.
    We've got BTB here, hopefully you can give it some life.
    As for the e-fed stuff, @Tsar can carry your character over probably.
  3. Yeah. I'm open for integration. Can't say the same for Alabama.
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  4. Yo, welcome to the forum.
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