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  1. Well hey everyone, Extornia here. My friend told me about this forum so I decided to join :emoji_grin:. I'm from bosnia and I'm 15.
  2. Hey there Extornia, welcome to the site. What time is it in Bosnia at the moment can I ask? 3:06am here in the UK.

    Hope you stick around, you into wrestling?
  3. Welcome to the site, getting lots of sign ups today. Hope you stay active as Crayo said :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Its 4:12 now, we're 1 hour ahead of the UK yay. Well honestly? I'm not pretty much of an guy thats into wrestling, I like MMA more lmao. I came here for the community mainly though :emoji_grin: I've heard you guys are awesome.
  5. Lol awesome is such a strong word :lol:. If you do stick around solely for the community then that's great. Big UFC fan? What you think of Lesnar retiring?
  6. Dunno what to say, he shouldn't of retired. I mean everyone has their round of failure hah.
  7. True. The guy had a serious disease didn't he though? Pretty tough going into the octagon with that. As a wrestling fan of course I want him to return to WWE :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Not sure how many UFC fans would agree.
  8. I don't recall hearing about him having an disease o.O.
  9. Google it, in his stomach or something.
  10. Oh damn, just found it, diverticulitis. A digestive disease :/
  11. Yeah, he was out for ages with it.
  12. Welcome to the forums man :emoji_slight_smile:

    @[Crayo], get out with your HQ posts! I'll sue you >:emoji_wink:
  13. Welcome to WF, enjoy your stay :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. The "B" in Bosnia should be a capital, but welcome.
    I'm a fan of UFC too.