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  1. Hey guys! I found this forum through a thread on forum promotion and thought the layout and design looked amazing.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what other stuff this forum has to offer, so I will be off now to continue looking around.
  2. Hey man welcome to the site, thanks for joining :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Glad you like the design and stuff, you a wrestling fan or not? :smile:.
  3. I am a wrestling fan… thought my interest is slowly dwindling. Most of this thought is down to me not being able to watch Raw or Smackdown on a weekly basis anymore due to… well life getting in the way I suppose. But I watch wrestling every chance I get.

    I do enjoy watching my female wrestling thought again due to life getting in the way I’m not getting the time I would like to keep up to date with the independent scene (got to quickly say thought the FCW roster is looking amazing as of late).
  4. Any particular indie promotion or just the scene as a whole ? Do you want to keep up with just the US or do you have interest in other countries such as Japan or Mexico?
  5. Also, if your incapable of watching wrestling live on the television due to no time, would your internet allow you to watch them on YouTube, or download the shows? We provide downloads of RAW and PPV's etc here :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Good to know you're into the other branches of wrestling too, you're right, the FCW roster is currently at its peak in my opinion. Best I've seen it.
  6. Hey man welcome to the site, slow-internet is a bitch right? Have the same issue.
  7. ROH and SHIMMER are the only ones I am still watching. I will get round to watching Pro Wrestling: EVE on day... I keep meaning to but I always forget.

    I always record Raw and Smackdown on my virgin box, It can just take me a few days to get round to watching it... so I will give feedback on the shows it might just be late .

    I will be downloading some PPV's thought that will save me a few quid. :smile:
  8. A fellow ROH fan nice :emoji_slight_smile:. I haven't seen much of Shimmer outside of a few matches including Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa. PWG has also been putting a really solid product over the past few months including a great ladder match between Steen and Generico at Steen Wolf. I'm not sure if you've seen it but if you haven't i'd advise you do.
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  11. Welcome to my playground, if you need any help, talk to Crayo.
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