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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 16, 2014.

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    Does anyone watch this show?
    It's one of my favorite Gordon Ramsay (Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares are my other two) shows been following it since Season 4.

    I think it's hilarious and very entertaining even after 11 and a half seasons (currently on their 12th season) although It is more fun to watch them uncensored then it is censored obviously but still you can just fill in what Gordon is saying.

    I bought the first 5 seasons uncensored on DVD the other day and have been binge re-watching them; such a great show haha there are some funny ass characters they get as contestants and Gordon and Chef Scott during the first couple of seasons were damn near ruthless.

    It was already renewed for it's 13th season last year and so long as Gordon's health permits I think he can probably stretch it into 15-20 seasons and still get a decent amount of viewers.​
  2. Yep, love it. His insults consistently crack me up.
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  3. You ever see it uncensored??
    This is from like season 7 but Sous Chef Scott GOES off on this dude after Ramsay steps out of the kitchen.

    here's a best of w/ Chef Scott that's pretty funny.
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  4. I miss chef scott
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  5. You and me both :emoji_slight_frown:
    I think he became big up in one of Gordon's restaurants which is why he wasn't in it after season 10.
  6. Never saw it uncensored but Scott was pretty awesome.
  7. If the opportunity ever came up I totally suggest it haha; it's funny uncensored because you obviously know what he's saying but to hear the words actually come out instead of a bleep really does make it that much more entertaining.
  8. I watched Hell's Kitchen the first couple seasons... it was something new and interesting.. became stale to me after that. I also used to watch Kitchen Nightmares with Ramsay.. that was entertaining as well. I now watch Restaurant Impossible and Bar Rescue... both of those shows are entertaining as well.
  9. I'm a home cook myself so really any cooking shows are going to catch my attention and if they're solid enough or in the form of a "game/reality" show whatever you want to call it I'll most likely be interested and into it for the long run haha.

    Honestly I think the censorship is what makes them stale in people's opinions; eventually people get tired of bleeps and want to watch the real thing. That's where it pays to have the DVDs =P
  10. Yeah, I think I would have continued watching if not for all the bleeps.... it definitely gets irritating.

    I like Chopped as well. lol
  11. Ahh thought as much; that's why my two friends who I started watching it with took like a 3-4 season break until those seasons got uploaded on the web to wherever as their uncensored version. Makes sense to me; idk why I liked it so much to keep watching it consecutively I just get a kick out of Ramsay :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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