Help a confused man.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Just kidding.

    What I am confused about is idiots who their whole life proclaim they are "Atheist" and do not believe in God yet when a family member dies it's all suddenly "I know you'll be in heaven, God loves you" and all this fucking shit. So I wanna know WHY THE FUCK DO STUPID ****S CHANGE THEIR FUCKING MIND WHEN SOMEONE FUCKING DIES?! SERIOUSLY FUCK ALL THEM ****S FOR FUCKING CONFUSING ME! :finger:
  2. This title sounds like something @Jeebak is good at helping with. :pity1:
  3. Its just something they say to console themselves when someone they really love passes away. Athiesm is pretty much equal to being smart.
  4. Don't know what you're talking about. I don't.
  5. Never had this happen to me, but it really is something just respectful to say. Do you realize how much of a dick you'd be attending that funeral with a pope and other religious things happening and you're just there saying you don't believe in any of this "religious shit" and that the person who died is just going to rot in the ground and that's it? It's that, be silent about your personal beliefs during the funeral/ceremony or just not attend at all. I think they just did it to be respectful, tbh.
  6. Really? I didn't know intelligence was a factor in religion! Thanks for sharing, man!
  7. Athiesm is not a religion
  8. Athiesm is an opinion of God. It's still religion related.
  9. Just like not playing football is a sport?
  10. No, that's not it at all. All I'm saying is that intelligence doesn't have anything to do with what you believe in.
  11. Intelligence has something to do in not believing in unproven fairytales.
  12. Everyone has their own opinion of God. God is a meaningless word because everyone has their own opinion of it. To me, the Bible is just a set of guidelines one follows to be a good person in life. Though, I don't agree with everything in the Bible, such as the written part of homosexuality among other things, but everything else is a pretty good guideline on how to live life. You just have to read between the lines. They're a bunch of stories that have morals and teach good things to children and adults alike. God and other religious idols don't have to actually be "real" to me, just the idea.
  13. I hope you were high as fuck when typing this because you just came off as a huge fucking idiot.
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  14. Pretty much just adding to what Jenn said. Would you rather they be respectful and put their opinions on religion aside? Or would you rather they go to the funeral and be all "loljezuz lolheaven ya'llz idiotz ATHEISM FTW"?

    But again, I'm guessing you're stoned and/or retarded. So w/e.
  15. I was pretty high when typing this :dawg:

    But I still am confused, like I know at funerals a lot of people would believe in God, I'd refuse to say anything like what was mentioned above but I just find it confusing people who say there is no God and then when their family member dies even after a year they still say they're in heaven and all this crap even though they claim not to believe in God & Jesus....

    Ahhh....People confuse me.
  16. Lol u think Bible actually teaches good things? Have u even read the entire book entirely? I have read Bible, Koran, Gita and some other religious books entirely and completely, if these books are your idea of being good then the world will be a nightmare. It has everything from offering your own daughter for sex to killing your own son because of the voices in his head told him to, from slavery to murder.

    The only religion i have seen that doesnt spread violence is buddhism.
  17. More of the same from ol' jeebster
  18. I gotta meet some fathers who follow this religion :xanth:
  19. Thats the point, nobody follows their religion point by point. They just follow the good points and ignore the bad points. The ones that follow the bad points too are labelled extremists and terrorists.
  20. That's because 99% of Atheist suddenly turn Christian when something bad happenes, mostly due to the fact that 99% of Atheists are atheists because
    a) It's "cool" to not believe in God and be independent.
    b) They are too lazy to document themselves on Religion and base their Atheism on what they see on TV.
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