Help me, because I legit want to throat punch Seabs for how much pain I'm in.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. I've never suffered with toothache, but BAM, suddenly -- like an RKO out of nowhere -- I have a fucking toothache. It's doing my head in and I can't be fucked to pay for a dentist. How can I deal with this pain like a man? At the moment, I just want to curl up into a ball, get up only to throat punch Seabs followed by a swift GTS, then proceed to discuss North Korea's nuclear bomb tests on Sunderland.

    @Tyler Durden

    Tagging so you know I just outed you in public, dawgs.
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  3. Any idea what's the cause? Is it a wisdom tooth?
  4. You still have real teeth? I figured you had wooden teeth because you're european.
  5. I here women dig toothaches. #tgmvield
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  6. Here here.
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  7. Pay for a dentist? This is England. I don't pay for no dentists.
  8. Nah, it's the 2nd back one on my left side down the bottom. It's literally just turned heel on me and started hurting. I should get it checked out but #YOLO. Thanks for caring though Stopspot, the other jobber staff don't.
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  9. In fact, it's England where we do pay for dental hygiene (hence why we're known for having poor teeth), and America where you don't. You're too young at the moment to pay but once you become of age, you will be. Moron.
  10. If you have a late night chemist then Clove oil is good for toothache. I can't think of anything else right now, sorry. Hope it gets better/sorted soon!
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  11. Rip it out and send it to me:ksi:
  12. I'd probably have to buy a box of condoms to make up for the lack of masculinity if I were to buy some Clove oil.
  13. Trojan Magnums- just so you can be really super manly.
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  14. They'd be so confused. Some guy with a massive massive penis needs some pussy oil to fix his hurting tooth.
  15. Buy some Black Guy Condoms.

    You can fit your entire body in them :bodallas:
  16. It's got an anaesthetic affect so it might be worth turning in the man card briefly.
  17. Frie's homemade toothache remedy:

    1. Stop crying

    2. Get pliers

    3. Pull it out

    Works every time.
  18. you a bitch nigga
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  19. Also Craydizzle try scotch. Hard liquor numbs the area, plus it's an excuse to drink.
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