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    I'm setting up my Universe for 2K16 (PC version, which is why there's no prefix) and I need some help on splitting the roster. What I want to do is make the brands RAW and NXT, and I want RAW to contain all the power/brawler/"WWE main event" types while NXT has the athletic/lucha/technical wrestlers. There are a few wrestlers I'm really not quite sure where to put them because I haven't seen quite enough of them or I just can't really determine their style (I'm putting which show I'm leaning towards, but I want other opinions):
    Blake & Murphy (NXT)
    Vaudevillains (NXT)
    Enzo & Cass (RAW)
    Wade Barrett (RAW)

    I'm also not sure which version of Austin I want to use. While Stone Cold is one of the most popular wrestlers ever, Stunning Steve would let me use the Hollywood Blondes and give a bit more star power to NXT.