Help with the IWT???

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by louissiscool, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. I am interested in getting involded in this but i am a little confused wether i am suposed to enter my character in to the fight night wrestling or is that a differant promotion anyway if someone could explain exactly what i need to do that would be awesome cheers.
    btw i read all the rules and stuff before anyone says to read those lol.
  2. It's bad that I don't know this. There needs to be a thread stickied in that section explaining how to sign up etc. I'm pretty sure you can just debut out of no where and cut a promo, but I thought there was some character sign up page.
  3. Just head on the IWT section and attack call out the WWE champion.
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  4. lol i would rather start smaller then the main champion.
  5. Hey louis, glad you decided to join up into the IWT. All you need to do to sign up is read the rules and "sign" the IWT contract. It's sticked directly in the IWT section (not fight night wrestling). We have two shows per month now, one being IWT Uprising and whatever WWE PPV is on during the month. I usually do the booking for both those shows and arrange matches based on people's level of promoing, so I know it'll be a competitive match and not a blowout. You are free to challenge anyone in the section, cut promos, do backstage interviews, and anything you can really think of as long as it doesn't involve attacking other people's characters without their expressed permission.

    I would suggest having your first match so I can see where you stand and there's plenty of threads in the section for you to jump in and just challenge someone, or you could make an open challenge yourself. Once you have your match I'll see how you do and i'll start suggesting rivalries for you to go in to and storylines for those rivalries. Again, IWT is completely freeform so you DO NOT have to go with my suggestions and you can have a title match at anytime as long as the champion agrees to have the match with you, but it is often easier for you to get the shot if I present it to the champion.

    I hope you enjoy the section and if you have any further questions you can PM me, tag me, or just go into the "Dat Kid/Jonathan Office Thread"
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