Help with Wrestling Project ("To What Extent Does WWE Claim to be Real?"

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  1. Hi, My name is Kobe and I am currently doing a project in school in which I need to pick a question and descriptively answering it. My question is "To What Extent does WWE claim to be Real?" If you could please spare your insight to this question as in-depth as possible maybe even with people I could try and contact about this or links I would much appreciate it. I would also appreciate comments on my sub-questions: "Is WWE a Sport?" "Is Gambling on WWE Legitimate gambling?" "Does WWE promote male masculinity?" "Why do people watch Wrestling?" "How does WWE compare to Independent Wrestling?"

    Thanks, Kobe
  2. To no extent. WWE has never claimed to be real, partly so they wouldn't have to pay Commission taxes. Vince McMahon even came out in 1989 to claim that WWE and wrestling, in-general, is fake. The common depiction WWE paints of their product is that it's a "TV show about a wrestling show". Another more well known, confession that wrestling is rigged and that writers are behind storylines, is McMahon's address about the Attitude Era in December 1997. And if you want even more proof that WWE doesn't give a shiny shite about keeping their product "legitimate" - watch any Linda McMahon ad video, she blatantly says that it isn't real in an effort to put down her past with the company. If you include the Community work that shows wrestlers, out-of-character and WWE Network shows like Ride Along showing that all are friends despite being heels and faces, you have an even stronger argument.

    WWE doesn't rely on people thinking it's real, but more so, it relies on it's fans suspending their disbelief in the product.
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  3. Wrestling is fake.
  4. Depends on what you consider a sport. A contest between two athletes/teams to determine a superior athlete/team through legitimate competition? No wrestling isn't a sport. If you consider a sport to be that of a performance of athletic ability, than you can consider it some form of a sport.

    Is Gambling on anything actually legitimate?

    I don't think so. WWE doesn't really have the most masculine product. I mean, you have two sweaty guys fake-slapping eachother - is that really all that manly?

    Entertainment value. It's like watching a fight scene in a movie. Except, it can be really fucking terrible.

    Other than production value, it doesn't differ much. The style, wrestlers and overall feel of the WWE is very independent wrestling. 10 years ago, WWE had a more distinctive, old school product that wasn't connecting with newer fans who started watching TNA and ROH, which had much more high-impact, fast-paced matches. I say over the last 6-5 years, WWE has adapted to the same style scene throughout wrestling.
  5. I think WWE is a sport, even though it is staged, because it still risks injury on what you do.

    I'm not sure how to answer the gambling question.

    Nah, they don't

    We watch because we like the acting and story telling and the staged performances, it's like a play

    WWE is more as they say "pop culture" while other companies really stick to the roots like ROH and Lucha Underground
  6. Lucha Underground hardly plays to root wrestling. Even root Lucha was never like Lucha Underground. Lucha Libre was about pride and legacy, with the masks representing them with their identity, pride and legacy. LU is what WWE wishes to be. A show about a wrestling (or fight club) show.

    Is that really your criteria for something to be a sport? If so, swinging on a swing might as well be a competitive sport.
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  8. Within the context of the show, WWE presents itself as real. But that's no different than any other TV show. The events of Breaking Bad are obviously fake, but not for the character of Walter White. Same goes in wrestling. The athletes and people involved are more like actors putting on a show.

    But they are pretty open with it being a massive stunt show and athletic display. Kayfabe is well and truly dead
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