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  1. Well, I've been puking everything that I've eating since yesterday afternoon (No people I didn't lose my virginity yet, so I'm not pregnant) and now I'm really hungry but with the knowledge that I'll just puke it, I don't know if I'll eat or not.

    I went to the nurse and she told me that I need to eat before I can drink any meds. So any ideas on how and what to eat?
  2. i think dry plain stuff is the best... bread. cereal.. crackers.

    i am no doctor though :burns: dont be mad if youre head explodes from taking my advice
  3. Just eat something light, and not too heavy, Vince's suggestions are good.
  4. Already ate some crackers in the clinic tho, puked it after 20 minutes. :((


    Thanks for the efforts tho!
  5. theres a medication you can take to stop yourself throwing up! theyre called anti-emetics. maybe you might need to take some
  6. Know them, but they have a high chance to cause change in perspective. It sorta makes you feel high. If it's super needed (5 days straight), they will make you drink a low-dose one. :emoji_wink:)
  7. Soup is always good.

  8. i want to take them :burns:
  9. Lol, and yeah, Soup is always good. Tomato soup I want some now actually.
  10. Making chicken soup right now
  11. Just had some and it was amazing.
  12. i want some heinz tomato soup and dip some bread in it


    when i say some i mean the whole loaf :terry:
  13. I bet it was, I don't have any. I'll buy some later. :otunga:
  14. drink gatorade to replace some of those lost electrolytes before you end up in the hospital like me.
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  15. ill get my parents to buy some :finger:
  16. Nice idea! :emoji_slight_smile:) I'm drinking an electrolyte mix from the hospital, compliments from our college. So I got it covered. (In case you don't know I'm an Medical student, Radiologic Technology Scholars (Which means that even if we're not in Medicine proper we have Medicine subjects. :emoji_grinning:D).)

    Thanks for the concern tho! :emoji_kissing_heart:*****
  17. Make me some tomato soup hannah :finger:
  18. :no: I have chicken soup tho. Want some? :emoji_kissing_heart:*

    Off-topic: Why are you vegan?
  19. Go to Uni.
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