News Hendrix "too heavy for TV" ?

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  2. You're just jealous, Ditsy.
  3. And you Dixie? Aren't you too stupid for TV?
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  4. But being heavy would mean that you bounce off those ropes just fine.

    But in all seriousness, she's fine. To say that to her on her freakin' birthday is bad enough.
  5. Most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. How anyone could consider her over weight is mind numbing, However, ODB is just fine to put on TV looking like an fat, retarded cow. :facepalm: #DixieLogic
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  6. Not to mention Awesome Kong or Hamada.
  7. They're gone for being too fat bro :steiner:
  8. I agree, Jimi Hendrix is to heavy to play on television.

  9. :isee:
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  10. Holy fucking shit, Dixie needs a pair of new eyes and a brain.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. UPDATE: According to interviewer, Greg DeMarco, the comments about Hendrix being called "heavy" weren't attributed to Dixie Carter herself.

    I apologize to Carter then, but I still stand by what I previously said.
  13. So it was some other schmuck in management then?
  14. Probably Prick because Al Snow likes her and D'Lo is fat himself. Lagana and Conway don't care about saying stuff like that.
  15. She really isn't. Kind of a stupid thing to say.
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