Henry improvised his incredible promo?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 28, 2013.

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  2. Sounds about right. When guys are given liberty to improvise, 8 out of 10 times things come out better, so no surprise. Props for Henry anyway.
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  3. If this is true then I am incredibly impressed. That's true professionalism and talent on his part :obama:
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  4. Well that's what happens when you let a veteran like Mark Henry do his own thing. Look at the Sexual Chocolate gimmick. It may be completely different, but during the Attitude Era they were given more freedom and he made that gimmick work like a pro at the time, and it shows he can even do a serious character good on his own.
  5. yeah that probably sounds correct as then he could go in a way he felt more comfortable with in the promo, and make it feel it a bit personal to himself and work his own personality into it more, thus making it more believeable for the watching audience (and suckering a lot of us in as well)
  6. Best thread ever.
  7. There was a report back in March or so that they were gonna start letting talents work their own promos more like they used to do... This is a sign why it's a wise idea.
  8. It was a retirement speech, not much work is needed to improv that to be honest, from a public speaking perspective. I think what should be applauded is the way he was able to make it believable and have me second guessing that he wasn't out there to attack Cena from the get go.
  9. easily one of the best works wwe has ever had.
  10. Mark "Ratings" Henry should at least get 1 WWE title reign before he retires, the man is a GOAT.
  11. Wasn't their a article a month or so back which said WWE was going to give Superstars bullet points instead of scripts so they could improvise their promo's anyway?
  12. Mark Henry. Damn, if he wins the title at MITB he'll be my hero!
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