Henry returns on Monday; what is next for him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Honestly, after reading the horrible rumour that he was Kaitlyn's secret admirer, I was pleased as fuck when I saw that beast video package of Henry advertising him for next weeks RAW. Now, what does he do? I expect him to come and destroy Cena to set up the filler-feud until the summer where Cena goes head to head with Bryan. Henry being in the main event and being booked like a freaking train will be awesome. They need a ratings fix, so why not push Mark "Ratings" Henry?
  2. Yeah, I figured he was going to start feuding with Cena. Sounds good to me.
  3. Probably a filler feud with Cena whilst Bryan goes over Orton. Although isn't MITB next? That might not happen after all, I suppose he could go against Orton? You can't book a long story with him as he limps out too often sadly.
  4. Eh, half the time he bores me in ring. Depending on who he's booked against is the factor if I like him this time around. I think since Cena is just now getting off a feud with the beast Ryback, he shouldn't go against another beast in Mark Henry. That would go stale quick.
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  5. I've been begging for a WSM/Cena feud, so even if it is a bs filler feud where it's obvious Henry will never go over, I'm cool with it
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  6. Since Bryan is rumored to face Cena at MITB, maybe they have Henry/Cena planned for Summerslam. However Henry qualifies for a title shot, I bet it's not by winning MITB. :haha:
  7. best case. Worst case? He crushes someone who doesnt matter, and draws without gaining any progress.
  8. I'm also very pleased he isn't going to be face, because Henry was made to be a heel, and quite frankly, he is one of the best in the WWE at it. I want him to just beat the shit out of everyone and win the WHC. I expect him to be in several fueds involving the title
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  9. i want a lot for him, and taking the title away from DZ works for me as long as it's only temporary. Man has Dolph had a rough run, voice, put on smackdown, concussion....
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