Henry vs Khali- WM- MOTYC?

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  1. No but seriously, we get 2 weeks of Henry build and find out last night he is likely going to be going up against Khali at Mania... :facepalm1:

    fuck you wwe
  2. It's not necessarily his WM opponent.
  3. NO NO GOD NO !!! However I expect i quick smashing match in SD! and thats it ... end of the feud
  4. If wwe cared about its fans then they would make this dream match a 60 minute iron man match:otunga:
  5. Well no shit, but is that not the vibe you got? Why else would they open the real RTWM with Henry fucking around wasting his time if that wasn't his feud?
  6. Mark Henry is actually facing Sheamus at Mania, hence why he was kept strong in the chamber.
  7. I didn't get that vibe really, the segment seemed irrelevant. I just marked for Henry's dance. There are quite a few reasons why they had to go with this segment. Like his actual opponent is currently in something else (like Orton was needed for the Kane/D-Bry split build this week). I just have a hard time seeing WWE feed a superstar like Henry -- a proven draw and is over -- to someone irrelevant like The Great Khali.

    Though, I'm most likely wrong. If I am, I'll be slightly depressed but I have no doubt that Henry wins and continues his hall of pain gimmick after Wrestlemania.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up. I really should subscribe to those insider emails you get so I'm not so behind :cornette:
  9. A ryback vs Henry dispute would be far more entertaining.
  10. Sigging my quote to remind me. You'll see. :finger:
  11. I feel a curve ball coming on....Henry is "Unstoppable" and "Nobody can beat this man..." etc etc Fuck you Michael Cole....

    Anybody feeling 'Taker for this?
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Not "big game" enough IMO.
  14. They fought at Mania '22 and it was utter car wreck.

    1) It's not a big enough match.
    2) Like Henry could go 30 minutes :rock:
  15. What are you gonna do? It'll be a good time for a shit or fap break.
  16. I'm still just pissed we don't get ADR/Henry. It was on a tee for WWE and they still couldn't hit it. Fucking losers.
  17. Maybe they promised Swag a big push if he endured being a shitty jobber for a year without complaining, who knows? I think we'll likely see ADR/Henry as the first feud for the WHC after Mania.
  18. Ziggler will be champ either at Mania or the Raw the night after.

    Swagger loses, he and Zeb beat up ADR, Zigg cashes in. Just stupid because Henry would have been 100X the choice to beat down ADR after he jobs at Mania. Plus ADR looks better by being involved with Henry as opposed to Schwagger
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  19. Henry/ADR for the #1 contender? lol
  20. I could dig it. Just really would like to see those two feud. When ADR turned Henry was near the top of guys I wanted to see him feud with.
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