Henry's slimmed down even more

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  1. Mark Henry posted this pic from over seas (aka here in Europe.)
    He is apparently now down to 404lbs and is aiming for 375.

    Source Pwmania
  2. This is incredible. Well done Mark.
  3. Good for him, hope it helps with his injuries and match quality.
  4. Wow, great work Mark! I also hope it helps with his wrestling career.
  5. He looks great!
  6. Anyone have any idea on when he shall return?
  7. Hopefully soon. He was such a boss monster heel.
  8. I'm just glad that he still looks like Mark Henry.
  9. I'd rather he sits out for another 3 months or so, carries on slimming down then does return. If he comes back now he could pile the weight on as he'd be on a road diet, doing it when he's reached his target weight would be better all round IMO.
  10. He must have a monster cock.
  11. Exactly the same thing I thought coming into this thread.
  12. This, I don't see why we need to see him rushed back, once he gets to his target weight where he feels happy with (not a weight where the WWE says is ok just so they can get him back) then slowly bring him back. Otherwise it just seems pointless.


    Of course, we all know black men have big cocks, much bigger than all white men bar one.:jericho:
  13. That is something for Crayo to think about! :lol1:
  14. Damn, he looks good. Hope he can reach the goal.
  15. Maybe this will help his recurring knee problem? Having less weight may help him.

    I reckon though he could get down to around 200 pounds if they took away his Hampton wick.
  16. Mark Henry looks so much different when he smiles. :laugh:
  17. Very nice for Henry, it'll probably help him by reducing his chance of injury along with probably improving his matches a lot.
  18. Nice job Mark! He has put in some nice effort, that's for sure.
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