Henry's still got it

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  2. What a goal! Henry is a beast.
  3. I still love this one, it was one of those moments which was just meant to happen lol.

  4. idk anyone who doesn't love Henry
  5. I live in Leeds, and I can tell ya' Leeds fans wasn't happy. LOL
  6. Probably Crayo, he tore Man U some right new ones from 01 - 06 such a great player.


    I'd be pissed off just living in Leeds lol.

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    No offence btw
  7. You have a valid point my friend. Can be awful here sometimes.
  8. Henry would return but as a face -----------that is wht i want
  9. Wrong Henry Shrayan.
  10. Haha!
  11. Rofl @ Shrayan.

    My Mum has always had the wierdest thing for Henry, it creeps me out.

    Oh and Dolph's I can't imagine the Irish are massive fans of Henry.
  12. Didn't he have like a really really long period of not scoring before this goal...?
  13. Yeah, April 28.
  14. 13 appearances in MLS in 2012 with 10 goals and 5 assists. He is ballin son
  15. Sorry but obviously... lol. MLS is terrible. Robbie Keane is even scoring there :haha:
  16. It's not a top flight league or anything but it's not really as awful as it's made out to be. It's also a very young league; it's on the rise for sure.

    obviously if you live somewhere where there is an actual elite league you will look at the MLS and scoff, but it's not just a bunch of awful douchebags running around the field


    and why the fuck don't you have your gray userbar on? this is blasphemous
  17. Yeah, it's enjoyable because I actually like your commentators sometimes. The American ones that aren't idiots doing the play-by-play have so much enthusiasm. When Beckham scored his double recently, the commentator was awesome (man what a great double it was too :O).

    And I can't wear other group userbars bro. Only wore it because I said to Randy I would for ten minutes or so.
  18. MLS is actually a pretty enjoyable product. I don't follow it closely, but if I see a game on I'll check it out and make it a point to try and check out the playoffs usually. It's a pretty open style of play which is enjoyable and there are a lot of great goals scored.
  19. I try to watch it weekly, but normally now I end up just watching the high profile teams with the high profile players.
  20. Nothing wrong with that. It's probably the main way for the league to get exposure at this point.. for fans to tune in to check out Beckham and LD with LA or Henry with New York.. still though good for MLS to get more eyes on their product.
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