News Here’s Kenny Omega asking Joey Ryan to sign his penis, and that actually happening

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Dec 4, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]
    I don’t have a lot to say about anything that happens in this particular episode of “Being the Elite” other than Kenny Omega anxiously asking Joey Ryan “could you sign my fucking cock” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, made even funnier by the faint laughing of the camera operator, then even funnier because Ryan actually agrees to it. It’s gets even better when Omega actually follows this up with “could you sign my dick with your dick?” and Ryan makes like he finally gets it.

    The episode goes on and just when you forget about it, passing it off as a bit that would take place off camera, they end the episode by going back to it, with the two meeting in what looks like a storage closest. Omega is downright giddy as he exclaims “oh, it’s cold” and “it tickles so much!” This all while he’s moaning as Ryan is slowly spelling out his name audibly and swiveling his hips.

    What an amazing show.

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  2. What. The. Fuck is this?

    Seriously? What the fuck is this!?
  3. I am not sure....



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  4. And just when I was about to tell people... "Hey, maybe try watching Being the Elite?"
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  6. Meltzer probably rated this 4 3/4 stars. The only reason he didn't rate it 5 stars was because it's not in the tokyo dome.
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  7. gayest thing I've read today.
  8. Bro. Write your name down and read it. Will fix everything :bodallas:
    Sorry.... :okay:
  9. Nah I could bet it was because his penis wasn't the one getting signed.