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Jon Moxley wasn’t at Josh Barnett’s BloodSport 2 last night (Sat., Sept. 14) as originally planned, but the card did have another guy who’s been at the center of controversy and grabbing headlines - Killer Kross.

Kross has issues with Impact which he says are related to promises, pay, and ensuring wrestlers’ health & safety. That’s led to his not being used by the Anthem-owned promotion while they keep him under contract. They’ve even blocked his other promotion, Mexico’s AAA, from using him at their co-branded show in Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater later today.

But they couldn’t (or opted not to) stop him from working Bloodsport in Atlantic City. Kross picked up a win over Nick Gage with a rear naked choke - all the matches at the worked MMA-style show had to be decided by knockout, submission, or stoppage - then got on the microphone and made a new headline.

Our Henry T. Casey was there and got some video:

Yeah, Kross is willing to got to the PIT OF DANGER. He wants to face The Animal.

As he mentions in his promo, Batista retired from wrestling after losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 35 this past April. He’s long said he wanted to go out with a match against Hunter on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. Would he backtrack on that for an indie show with a non-WWE guy?

Maybe Batista would decide Bloodsport isn’t the same as sports entertainment and make an exception? The no ropes, worked fight-style of the event might appeal to him. He trains MMA, shares a trainer with Jake “Jack Swagger” Hager, and has a 1 - 0 record as pro fighter.

Whether or not his busy schedule would allow him to train and perform is another matter. And if his agents and the movie studios he works with would sign off on another match.

We’ll see. In the meantime, tip your hat to Killer Kross for keeping his name in the conversation even while Impact’s keeping him off TV.

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