Here a dick, there a dick, everywhere a dick dick!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by GrammarNazi82, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. So, they performed the first successful penis transplant recently. I guess I somewhat have mixed feelings about it because.... yay, penis! But really? That was someone else's penis. Glad they can successfully do it, but it seems so odd on many levels -- for the donor's family who says, "Yeah go ahead and take his penis, too." (just for the absurdity of saying that); for the recipient who can be happy with a new penis but I would assume have to adjust to having some other dude's penis on his body; for the recipient's family just because; and for any future sex partners the recipient has. Seems kind of odd all around, but yeah.... yay and stuff.

    Full article here.
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  2. I couldn't do it :emoji_slight_frown: .. I'd be a Ken doll before I used someone other than my penis in action.
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  3. That's one thing I wondered about.... how guys would generally feel about it. It would have to suck to not have a penis, but at the same time the thought of having someone else's penis attached seems like it'd be almost as traumatic, to me anyway. Not sure if I'd be able to do it if I were in their shoes.
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  4. A guy giving up his penis? :rock2:
  5. Hmm. I'd be fine with something like a heart or lung transplant, but the penis is just... different. It's the most sacred part of a man's body and it would just never feel right having someone else's tally-whacker attached to you. Plus, in spite of the fact that this surgery would be conducted by world-class professionals, I'd probably always have this suspicious feeling that it might fall off or something if I touched it too much, so I could never go through with this.
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  6. :haha: Yeah, like when a guy dies and if he's an organ donor they harvest his organs, now the family can also decide if they want to donate his penis. :eww: That's what happened in this case anyway.

    I know, right? Masturbation would have to be extremely odd after something like that.

  7. :eww:
  8. Ehhh.. So would you be considered homosexual if you masturbated after the transplant? After all you would be stroking another man's penis.
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  9. If I got my dick cut off in an accident you can bet your ass i'd settle for used.
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  10. Depends, will I get Will Smith's dick? If so then yeah
  11. Have to agree with this. In the end, it's better to have one than not. I would really rather not spend the rest of my life peeing sitting down.

    The real question that comes to my mind, is how many guys are going to eventually get "upgrades"? :letroll:
  12. If you want to be really, really technical, even masturbating with your own could be construed as a little gay considering you're still stroking a guy's penis regardless of whether it's the one you were born with or not.
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  13. Are these transplant-able dicks coming from dead organ donors or somewhere else? That question alone is baffling me.

    And what if it's the wrong color? Would you turn it down or would you be all for it (if it was of a certain color *wink wink*)?

    So many questions........

    Ohhhh, I see. Weird.
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  14. Alright, so..... remember this dude with the first penis transplant? Well, apparent'y he's been busy since then. :gusta: The latest update is that his girlfriend is pregnant, so woo-hoo for a definite fully-functional penis! :woohoo: (That is, of course, assuming the girlfriend didn't cheat and is actually pregnant with some other dude's child, but.... I'll be optimistic for a change.)

    Follow-up article here.

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  15. Ms.McNazi had a farm....
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  16. I cant imagine it'd take long, wait how does this shit even work?
  17. Well you see, when a man and a woman love each other very much.....
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