Clash of Champions Here we go again...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. "Of all the names making rounds in WWE's rumor mill this year, the biggest is Bill Goldberg. The superstar had been a legendary icon in sports entertainment, and at the ripe age of 49, he still keeps himself in good shape.

    More than his physical fitness, his choice to appear on the WWE 2K17 video game and his recent antics tease more than just a virtual return into the ring. Goldberg might be stomping once again into WWE's main event matchups, in what would be his final run with the company."

    WWE 2016 Rumors and Updates Bill Goldberg Return Happening Soon? Possible Comeback at Clash of Champions

    :why: :upset: :gtfo:

    I swear if this guy shows up at Clash of Champions, I will.... I will.... I QUIT! :cry:
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  2. Goldberg can fuck right off.
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  3. Stick Brock on him and take him to suplex city.
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  4. I would assume with the crowd response at Summerslam, that the Powers That Be Vince might be thinking, "Bring in Goldberg for a one off main event and I'll make money!"

    I have no real desire to see Goldberg return. But if he does, we can reasonably assume he won't be fed to anyone. He'll be the one eating.

    That being said, I still doubt it is going to happen. Him appearing in a video game doesn't equate to him wanting to return to wrestle. I know he had said a year or so ago that he did want to wrestle again, but not with WWE. It's very likely that appearing as a video game character is the closest he will get to coming back.

    Maybe I am wrong. I dunno. But I don't see this being anything more than rumors with little chance of happening.
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  5. Honestly it would be nice to see Lesnar get a return match from WrestleMania 20 and win.

    You know, the first match between these two was awful... I think the rematch would be up there with Warrior vs Hogan as the worst rematch ever though.
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  6. If they do it, there is only one storyline for Goldberg

    He has to come back and state his intention is to make up for the shit show he put on in 2004. That's have a rematch with Lesnar and make up to everyone who was supremely disappointed in the way he went out of the WWE the first time. If WWE uses that as a block then you got a really good fitting story right there. Brock will be reluctant but realize that he killed his reputation too in that match in 04 and walked out with Goldberg as well, and the fact in that shit show Goldberg won, so he'll agree. Then when this match happens, these 2 gotta pull out an amazing match.
  7. Back in MY day we had monthly "Is THIS the time Cena going to turn heel!?!?!" threads. You young whippersnappers and your new-fangled way of rumormongering and junk don't know what you were missing! :why:
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  8. Major update! And it is HUGE

    Bill Goldberg will not be returning to the WWE, so shut up forever

  9. Goldberg is 49. I do not want or have any interest in seeing Brock Lesnar literally murder a man.
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  10. I do.
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  11. Alright you've convinced me. Goldberg better fucking get droz'd at least.
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