Here's how I see Ziggler.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. So right now people have been talking about DZ dropping Vickie as his onscreen girlfriend. Here's my opinion.

    If WWE wants Dolph to be a major star and to be one of the faces of WWE, then they should make Dolph drop Vickie.
    However, if WWE is content with Dolph being a mid card feuder, then by all means they should continue with Vickie. She is after all one of the biggest heat magnets in the company, if not the biggest.

  2. Ziggler is talented. I believe he will succeed whether Vickie is with him or not.
  3. I completely agree with Kaitlyn, I love Dolph Ziggler. I love his attitude and he is one of the most talented superstars in the company today, but Vickie has always generated and pulled the crowds hate and anger. This is already starting rub off on him, and its only going to get worse. The crowd already hates the sight and SOUND of the woman and they are associating her with him. Its gonna get to the point where no one is going to want to see him in the ring because of the understanding that she will be there too.

    I understand that Vickie is a really sweet woman in RL, and I can vouch for this, having met her at Wrestlemania Access in Atlanta, but as Kaitlyn said the woman is a major Heat Magnet, if not the biggest.
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  4. Glad to see someone agrees with me.
    Welcome to the forum, by the way.
  5. He needs to be on his own. Having Vickie at his side just seems like he;s not ready. Just something about her presence that gives him a midcard feel, he is better without her. He has no more need for her, he can be a world champion on his own and needs to show he is the best. I'm not saying Vickie is a bad person, but he doesn't need her heat anymore, he needs to build his own name.
  6. DZ is an overpushed vanilla midget who should be jobbing to guys like Brodus Clay and Randy Orton. He is a pretty boy who can sell but that's it. He isn't over and I wish he would stop shaking his ass and flipping hair grease everywhere. It's unsanitary. I hope when he cashes in the briefcase that Sheamus brogue kicks his face right back down to the lower midcard where he belongs. He will always be Nicky from Spirit Squad to me. Triple H should wrestle him in a retirement match where he pedigrees him through a table and Ziggler leaves in an ambulance never to be seen again.
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  7. Good stuff.
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  9. :lol1:
  10. If nothing else, why waste Vickie's heat-generating capabilities on someone who simply doesn't need it? Dolph doesn't need Vickie anymore. The guy obviously has charisma, so why don't they let him show it?
  11. vickie is the best thing to ever happen to ziggler!
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  14. This guy is hilarious. If only you could read the sarcasm without knowing he is pushing it all in your face. :obama:

  15. :badass:


    I really can't imagine ziggler without vickie. he just seems all lonely by himself.
  16. Yeah, he doesn't need Vickie anymore. It was a great decision to stick her with him at first, great, he needed heat and help on the mic, now he's got heat and is good on the mic, why's she still managing him? Just stick her with some low/midcarder who needs help, simple stuff. Probably way too logical for WWE/Vince to figure out though.
  17. Brother, I think you just got hacked.. :shock:
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