Kayfabe Hero No More (The Tragic Story of Rhys Haze)

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    *It's the Precision after Hell in a Cell, the crowd are having a great time but when an unknown theme song hits they suddenly go silent, and gaze at the titantron, the words 'Anarchy Inc.' is on the titantron and the crowd boo because they know who's gonna come out.*

    *Out comes Antonio Stark, Chris Parks and the new Undisputed Champion Will Neilson. The crowd boo very loudly because of what happened last night at Hell in a Cell, some fans cheer because reasons. Will has the Undisputed Champions over his shoulder, and the group begin their slow walk to the ring. Some of the fans jeer at them, and the three men shake it off. After getting into the ring, Will stands in the middle and raises the championship up high and gets a high chorus of boos and a few little cheers. Chris climbs out of the ring and pushes the timekeeper into the crowd before grabbing three microphones and walking back into the ring. He passes two of them to Will and Antonio, and keeps one for himself, Antonio puts the mic in his pocket. Will picks his up and begins to speak.*

    Will: For once it looks like you lot hate me, that's a change I wonder what I did wrong to you guys? I won this *raises Undisputed Championship* from possibly one of the most hated men ever to grace this company, and you guys boo me? How could you?! *fake cries and wipes the Undisputed Championship over his eyes like a tissue.* Oh yeah, I just remembered, we all attacked that little hero Rhys Haze last night didn't we? *Crowd boo's loudly, the group laugh it off.* The reason I did this.... was because I was tired of being your little fantasy sidekick, all of you preferred him over me, and on some occasions refused to support me just because he was injured! You wanna know how Rhys Haze got injured recently, it was me you delusional pricks I organised it all!

    *Near enough all of the crowd boo at this point, as Neilson has gone from a happy expression to a quite angry one. He stares at the crowd, while walking around the ring, Antonio and Chris are clapping.*

    Will: Your wondering why did I join these guys? I've been fighting them for so long you can say we were like USA and Russia in the Cold War! They want to be noticed and I'm going to help them to do that, so everyone in the back respects them and all of you respect them! I'm sick and tired of being pushed to one side, for a little pint sized "Hero" like Rhys Haze, he's nothing! Ever since Day 1, I gave him a chance to help me in the war against Stark and Parks, but he didn't just take that chance, he stole every little second of the spotlight and all of you seemed to prefer him over me. The frustration was building, I couldn't take it any more, when I won the Money in the Bank briefcase... did he appreciate me winning it? Was he happy about it? No, he wasn't, he wanted it all for himself! Haze was a little greedy pig who just wanted spotlight and wanted to be better than me! He didn't care about me, and neither DID ANY OF YOU!

    *The crowd boo very loudly, Will has a devilish grin on his face, he puts his mic down, and points to Antonio. Antonio, gets the mic from out of his pocket, therefore it making a very loud static noise, Stark begins to speak.*

    Antonio: Last night.... I wasn't as successful as Will was... I lost to Andersen Vega. I take full responsibility for the loss, but the things that him and his pathetic excuse for a slave did after the match, really pissed me off. He beat me... whoop de fucking do... let's throw a celebration by getting his slave to beat me down viciously... knocking me out, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't be bothered to explain... so if you want to see it then you can buy a subscription to the WWEF Network for £9.99 a month, and rewatch Hell in a Cell. Onto the main point, we did what we had to do. Will was tired of that little spotlight stealer so he came to us and we made a deal, work together to finally bring him down. It all started when Rhys Haze was supposedly injured by that Russian Devil who also beat my adopted brother... oops didn't say that on air.... sorry Anthony. That wasn't Victor, that was me and Chris, we beat him up so badly that he didn't even remember what happened... and therefore because he's just that stupid, thought that he was suffering from injuries caused over a week ago, when he banished Sokolov from the company. Finally, Hell in a Cell was the coup de grace on the cake, a final beatdown from all of us, and to show him that Will isn't who he thought he was, that little shit was nothi...

    *Stark is cut off by an unknown theme song, all three turn and look at the titantron. Will and Chris are confused, and Antonio is shaking his head as he knows exactly who it is.*

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  2. The wife of Antonio Stark, Izobella Stark walks onto the stage with a pissed off look on her face. The crowd cheer loudly as the hot female walks onto the stage and down to the ring. She gets in to the ring, with some swagger about her. She looks into the eyes of Antonio's which could some what be describe as puppy dog like. Will grabs her arm and spins her in the direction of him and looks at her. She grabs the mic of off him and begins to speak, with a irish type accent
    Do you lot know how delusional you sound? Will you sound like a school kid who introduced the new kid to his friends and that new kid became more popular than you. Will I have been in this business just as long as Tony so I know what you're gonna say and try and put this on Rhys Haze but let's be honest Will maybe these people don't like you as much anymore because you started to get lost in a shuffle of 'Wrestling' People don't like that that much anymore.
    Will strikes the mic down from her mouth. You can hear Will shouting 'Shut up'. Antonio looks a little concerned over the way Will is handling his wife, however seems to ignore it and continues looking at her. She puts the mic back to her lips and begins to speak once again.
    See, Tony you've turned into that person you never said you would. Look where we are now, you being a fucking scared prick. You used to be fun and exciting to watch in the ring, now you have to be baby sat by Will Neilson and his pet gorilla. Will might not like me and Chris might be mutual with me, but I thought you would have one shed of dignity left in you. Especially not to sink to these lows.
    Antonio swats the mic away and it flies out of Izobellas hand she stands there in shock. Antonio puts his mic back on and begin to talk to Izobella

    I only ever did this to impress my dad! You know that! I DID IT FOR THE FAMILY. TO PROVIDE FOR YOU AND THE KIDS. You wanna come into our ring and criticise me. You got everything handed to you on a silver plater. You know as well as I do your mum and dad never wanted you to take my last name and you come here after everything we've been through and call me a coward for making a wise business decision. You're the only delusional one here. You know what boys we're leaving.
    Antonio looks back at Will and winks

    [email protected] you know what's next :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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    *Will leaves the ring and grabs a chair and sits down on it on the outside, Antonio asks what he's doing, and which Will replys...*

    Will: Your wife, not mine. Sort it out man.

    *Antonio nods his head and at Will and he turns around right into a huge slap by Izobella, the crowd pop as Izobella repeatedly slaps Antonio, after about 10 slaps, Antonio is clearly angry. He readys himself and it looks like he is about to take action. He puts out his hand to Izobella, she is confused but starts to think that Antonio has finally woken up, she holds his hand.... but it doesn't last for long as Stark throws her with all his power outside the ring. She lands hard on the ground and is struggling to get back to her feet, the crowd boo loudly as Antonio stares at the camera, a psychotic look on his face. Will is laughing on the outside and falls off of his chair, Chris goes out and picks him up and puts him back in the ring, Stark grabs Will's undisputed championship and when Will gets up, he hands it to him with a devilish grin on his face. Neilson takes it and raises it up high to which the crowd respond with very loud boos. The groups theme plays and they get out of the ring and begin to walk up the ramp, halfway up Neilson suddenly stops and looks back at Izobella attempting to get back up to her feet. With clear intentions, the champion runs down the ramp and delivers a huge kick to the head of Izobella, this doesn't knock her out, it only puts her in more pain. Neilson puts the title over his shoulder and walks backstage with Chris and Antonio.*

    That's a little bit better.
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