Kayfabe Hero vs. Devil

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    *Victor Sokolov's music hits and the crowd boo extremely loud, Victor is wearing his ring gear and has devil horns on his head. He bows on the top of the ramp and starts to make his way down, the crowd erupt into a chant of "Fuck you Victor!" Victor sticks his middle fingers up to the audience and they boo even louder. He gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.*

    Victor: Precision.... last week I attacked... no I destroyed Will Neilson. Someone like him doesn't deserve to be in a company like this. In order to fix the disease, I have arrived, I am the devil himself! Last Week it was Will... this week it will be Rhys. The disease has spread, and Rhys Haze, you've seem to have contracted it. Tonight, I will break every bone in your body and spread your blood all over this building! *Crowd boo and chant "Fuck you Victor!" once again.* Yeah... fuck you to. *Crowd boo once again.* The real question is... why did I come here? I came here to one get rid of the disease that is running rampant in this company and two... because I was told to come here. The devil himself told me that this was where I would run about, this is my playground and this is the devil's playground!

    *Victor goes out of the ring and pulls out a table and a picture of Rhys Haze, he sets it up in the ring and pulls out a lighter from his pocket, he lights the picture on fire and stands over it.*

    Victor: You will burn to the ground! You will kneel before the true reincarnation of the devil himself! You can't beat me, You can't take me... and you certainly can't fucking kill me! *Victor slams his hand down on the table multiple times, he breaks it and there is blood on his hand from the sharp pieces of wood.* This is my blood. *Victor licks the blood of his hand and wipes some of it round his face.* and soon the blood you see on my hands will be yours Rhys! Your friend is dead, your the next victim! Get your little angel ass out here so we can talk face to face!

    *It doesn't take long for Rhys's solo music to hit and Victor grabs the table and hurls it at the commentators almost hitting them with it,*


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  2. *Rhys walks from backstage and slowly down the ramp while he is confused looking at Victor, he begins to talk to the mic in his hand*
    Rhys: Victor, Who are you? Did you 'Rise from hell' just to attack me and Will? I don't know why you're here and why you are coming after us, but I will let you know that you've picked the wrong people to mess with. Even if you tried to pull Will into your realm of "hell" I'm still here to deal with you. *Rhys climbs over the ropes to enter the ring to face Victor. They are facing each other from opposite sides of the ring - Rhys standing back for his own safety* Now I'm not gonna kill you... of course I'm not, no, I'm just gonna send you back to where you belong! *Rhys throws his arms in the air and the crowd cheer for him* Oh Victor, by the way: You may wanna wipe that blood off your face before this match. You should clean what's there now so we can make some more in this war.

    *Rhys jokingly pulls out a bunch of tissues from his pocket and throws them in Victor's face, Victor takes none of it and breaks out in rage* *The two guys grapple each other and trade tens of punches untill the ref pulls them away from each other. They are both breathing heavily after using all their stamina destroying eachother before the bell has even rung.*

    Rhys: Sorry about the tissues... it was just a prank bro!! *Rhys is laughing at Victor, Victor is fully pissed shown by the expression on his face. The ref is still signalling the two to stay away from eachother until he finally decides to ring the bell for the match to begin. DING DING DING*
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