Heroes returning!?

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  1. @TheArabHammer just informed me that he thinks this show is returning sometime this year. Can anyone confirm that??? I LOVED that show. I was reading the online comics they were putting out and everything.
  2. OH FUCK YES lol
  3. I never really got into the show. I heard it was good though.
  4. I think I liked it so much because I'm a HUGE X-men fan so I was stoked to basically see a live version show of that
  5. I'm pumped for this! I liked the first season so I think this could be a great success. I know I'll be tuning in!
  6. I was going to create a Heroes thread but I have already found other fans!

    I absolutely loved this show during it's initial run. Season one and three were my favourite's out of the original four, series two and four were not as intriguing but I was still very much interested in them for character development purposes. I have been working my way through the original season's on Netflix at present and have got to season three already.

    Question - Is the returning season going to be the final one? Also is it going to be a full season or just a half season?

    Much love
  7. Heroes gradually went down in quality w/ each season; S1 = Baller as fuck, S2 = Still Really Good, S3 = Kinda started to fade but still pretty good, S4 = Some episodes were good some were unbearable.. I hear the new Reborn series is going to feature entirely different characters; however they have not ruled out cameo appearances by the previous characters.
  8. Heroes shit their pants for 2 seasons during the writers strike. The first season was amazing, and yes, i will watch this, but i have no faith in it being quality in any way.
  9. So HRG will be reprising his role.. Zachary Levi has been cast as a lead role for the series.


  10. It aired during the Super Bowl last night.. the 15 second teaser for it.
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  11. Ya Ta!
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  12. Zachary Levi and a returning Noah Bennett & Hiro Nakamura, it's going to be pretty solid I have a feeling.. I hope they put a lot of creative effort because this is something a lot of fans have been waiting for.
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