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  1. I have arrived from the sakes of Machinimapalooza.com ....... Kind of skeptical of joining due to the fact of how people treat invasions like the famous Tony PizzaGuy invasion on MP. Well, I am one of the highest posting members there and I am also the Brad Maddox of the Forum. I am to be the Brad Maddox of WWEF and I am to earn everyone's respects. So ugh yea.

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  2. JWAB!!!!! Welcome!
  3. David!
  4. Damn! BrockLesnarFan4Life will like you. She's like the biggest Maddox fan.
  5. We got the whole crew up in this bitch!
  6. I would've guessed she's the biggest Brock Lesnar fan.
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  7. She's a weird one.
    - Lesnar
    - Kelly Kelly
    - Maddox
  8. Damn! Very special Lesnar fan!
  9. Hello and welcome! :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Usually everyone loves me. lol
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  11. Hello and BTW over at MP it seems that Trevor, Owen, and Shadow are obsessing over you by the way. They are in love with you.
  12. :O How nice of them :woo:
  13. [​IMG]
    You guys are funny,
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  14. Already like you just for the GIF.
  15. Also what is with the titles under your names?
  16. If you're upgraded, you can customize it. If you're a regular member, I believe it costs NP which is Site money under your likes.
  17. :lol1: I doubt that. It's nice to meet you!
  18. That was Trevor & Airbourne,I'm in a long distance relationship damnit,Audrey don't know it but we're sortof dating ok.
  19. Secret conversations about me...idk if I should be flattered, shy, or uncomfortable with that :hmm: :lol1:
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