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  1. Now I don't know if this means a WWE return, but when it comes to wrestling in general, he's back.

    And the people who uploaded this video asked people about a Boogeyman and Bray Wyatt feud.
  2. I'd kinda like to see a Boogeyman and Wyatt feud, it'd be creepy seeing these two weirdos go at it. Dunno how they'd pull it off, but if done right, it could work out.
  3. He never left.
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  4. He was just hiding underneath everyone's beds and inside their closets...
  5. Creepy Bastard.
  6. Who the fuck cares about this pile of shit?
  7. I do since I liked his WWE run

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  8. My favorite part of his run was when Mable bashed him through the chalk board. He annoyed me in every aspect.
  9. He cuts a good promo, fine character. Don't really remember any of his matches though tbh.
  10. Well, it looks to me like he is indeed back

  11. He's been doing some work for the YT channel.

    Like the latest Inbox episode.
  12. You'll be sorry when he beats Brock for da BIG GOLD!!!
  13. His matches were forgettable but he could cut a creepy promo here and there and the character was unique imo.
  14. I remember a bunch of his matches

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