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  1. Well, ain't this interesting?


  2. Lol that's weird, I wonder if anything will come of it or if it will only be a one time thing.
  3. Yeah, that's what I thought at first. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a one time thing, just like his last TNA run.
  4. at NXT though? Hmm... Ok.
  5. Yup, it's kinda weird and out of the blue. But, I guess this could turn out to be a one time thing only and he's gonna be there to put talent over. We'll see, though.
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  6. Looks like he'll be with the company at least through April, possibly doing some dark matches/house shows with the main roster during that time from what I was reading earlier.
  7. It was awesome seeing Rhyno out there. I loved how the announcer said "NXT isn't just for starting careers, it's for rebuilding them." or something to that effect.
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  8. Rhyno looked good, even if it was just basically a squash match.

    Dude's only 39. While that's older than most of the recent guys who've come up, Rhyno's already a known commodity to a big chunk of the fanbase and could have some value, even if only as an enhancement talent to up-and-comers.

  9. What else would he be there for? Thank you, Texas.
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  10. If him and others like him are only around for a short period of time I would totally use them to put over newer talent via mini-feuds lasting about two-three weeks.
  11. My thought was more along the lines of: what if he's signed a long-term deal and the plan is for him to be around for three to five years?

    You could use him as enhancement talent for a while and then build him up for a world title run, a la Mark Henry's WHC know, sort of a "lifetime achievement award" of a title reign that only lasts a month or two.

    Just spitballin' either way.

  12. This is pretty cool and something NXT should look to do more of. Bully Ray in NXT could be gold. Plus not only would it help the on screen product, but having veterans who have done it all in your developmental camp is going to help the guys improve and learn behind the scenes as well.

    Who are some other veterans they could look into? What's Ken Shamrock up to lol
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  13. Agreed. Bully Ray coming to NXT would be dope, not only him, but as you've pointed out, just having veterans in developmental would be dope and extremely helpful to the guys down there.
  14. Is there any intel on how much, if any, Heyman or Dutch work with guys in NXT.

    I'm just thinking having one (or both) of those guys around with Bubba Ray, Rhyno, Adam Pearce, Spanky, maybe a few other guys like that as a resource for the young talents learning there would be awesome.

  15. As good as absolutely zero.

    Heyman showed up for the first two live specials and that was how he got the idea of making Cesaro a Heyman guy. That's it. Dusty Rhodes is in charge of character development (that is all but confirmed) with assistance by Regal (I think).
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  16. Interesting that he would come back to NXT in any place of WWE. It's good though, having the new guys work with a veteran in development can do plenty of good.
  17. They are in amazing hands with Dusty. The Americannnnn Dreammmmm baybay
  18. The only downside to Dusty seems to be that a few of his ideas are a bit dated. Like Parker's hippie gimmick. When he debuted he was a typical flowerchild hippy, like when Dusty was young. And we all saw how that went over.

    But once he tweaked and modernized it it works.
  19. I'd like to see Dusty get on the same page with people from the main roster so NXT call ups don't seem so out of place in WWE. I never cared for the Ascension, but the way people hyped them up and seeing how little of a shit anyone gives about them now, it seems like you would want dev. and the main bookers to have a better understanding of what the end game might be on these NXT'rs.
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