Hey Arnold

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  1. What was it all about lads

    it never hit my juice box, and I think it messes young lads up with its unrealistic view on life. in the real world arnold would never be accepted, and people would not be so nice

    one episode saw a midget pull a model, never would happen unless he had money (which he did not)

    it has made lads lilly livered and soft, which is why we have metrosexuals and all that bollocks
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  2. It's fictional television and you take it seriously. :jericho:
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  3. so anything on fictional tv is okay is it

    hey arnold ruined lives as far as I am concerned, with its liberal agenda
  4. I love how you are vehemently against liberalism yet you've never given actual reasoning or come forth as to what you are. Also it's fictional tv. What "motives" should you even care about.
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  5. it made children think the world was a nice place

    its not a nice place, people are bastards
  6. Lmfao if you think a single cartoon does that then you're Lilly livered lad. The entire world grooms children into that at a young age. Maturity changes their views on the world over time.
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  7. kids should not be fed such bile

    we should be honest from the start
  8. So turn this world into socialism? Good luck even trying to do that.
  9. no just tell young lads how it is

    when kids start to like wrestling they should be told to take it seriously, as you can not be a larger lout and have the fanny on your arm and still watch Johnny C every week
  10. So in short socialism. Have fun with that,
  11. wat are you yabbering on about lad
  12. Nice Place? Yeah you obviously haven't watched the show once.

    He lives in an apartment in a ghetto with 8 other people including a foreign butcher. He ISN'T accepted and is portrayed as an outcast with a group of outcast friends. His favorite hang out spot is an old diner and a alley by a dock. Not to mention Hey Arnold isn't meant for little kids it's meant for 7 Years and Older by which they would have the common sense to know what a CARTOON is and what REAL LIFE is, unlike you.
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  13. If you're supposedly an adult who grew up in a tough world, you'd know what socialism is.
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  14. Hey Arnold is the greatest show ever, people who don't get it are likely imbeciles!
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  15. I was going to correct him, but Ovalhead you forget. There's only one top dog in cartoon history.
    Show Spoiler

    Top dawg 4 lyfe :tough:
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  16. he always succeeds though, and everyone ends up liking him

    morals always previal, these kids need some manson i tell ya lad
  17. You take cartoons seriously. You try too hard.
  18. This guy really gets to ya huh
  19. Nah he just tries too hard.
  20. Always succeeds? He was in a competition for a chance to win $25,000 and lost when his arch enemy (forgot the name) sabotaged it. Only his family and his 3-4 friends like him as his crush slash sworn enemy loves him . Go watch a tape and tell me what cartoon depicts murder and rape as you SOOO wish to see?
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