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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Oct 20, 2013.

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    Since your stupid thread didn't work...

    Version 1
    Version 2
    Version 3
    Version 4

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  2. Posting mine here too. Think the thread was deleted because he offered an award, but the money plugin isn't working properly yet. Could probably just count this as the new thread with a title change for anyone who already started making one.




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  3. You win, @Coon. Congrats. The thread was actually deleted cause it wasn't letting anyone post in it.
  4. Those are all sweet, but lacks some Bully Ray/Austin Aries/Coon.
  5. Imao at the version 4.

    They look good but it has to say some things that's advertising to site for people to check it out and register. Not sure what you want to put it here's an example.
    - Discuss WWE, TNA, Other Wrestling
    - 600,000+ posts from active community
    - Live Discussion Threads
    - Wrestling news, rumors, results

    or just something else if you can come up with.
  6. Could mix some serious ones with some funny ones on a image rotator like our logo is on? Though I'm not sure how many people actually refresh while watching streams lol.
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  7. Do you mind if I do a GIF?
  8. Stuff like that makes a banner so packed though, people browsing a site aren't there to look at banners so you need something that catches their attention and interest in less than half a second. Keeping someones attention for the actual content of the site is hard enough, nevermind doing it for an advert.

    Animated banners and ones packed with information have been done before and people are used to it. Their mind blocks any piece of information that doesn't directly lead them to the goal, that's why they don't work.
  9. No problem. GIFs are fine.

    Okay animated banners then. Any infos you think the banner should have?
  10. He means animated ones suck too BHR. Image rotator of humorous and serious is the best way imo. My idea is being totally slept on lol.

    Animation banners would probably naturally remind people of those annoying advertisements about weight loss and shit. Doubt people will take the advertisement seriously and would most probably think it's some kind of virus.
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  11. Not to mention it involves them actually having to stop what they're doing to view the full animation of the banner just to find out what it's actually about.
  12. Who is Kailyn?
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