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  1. Hi, My name is Victor (miniv7HD) and I make WWE 13 Gameplays on Youtube. I make predictions and WWE news videos and I would love to have some active subs that watch my videos and subs that I can interact with. So, if you would subscribe to my channel and be active I would love it.

    My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/miniv7HD


  2. We are getting more and more YouTubers sign up to advertise their channels here, without contributing much to the community. I think I will probably have to make it so YouTubers can advertise their channels here IF they advertise this forum on their channel. It's only fair.
  3. Welcome victor! Hopefully you're active on the forum as well as upload videos.
  4. Welcome to the forums man, nice to have you here, you'll have a nice time.
  5. You guy's do know he's already introduced himself in August?
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  6. Wasn't here in August :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  7. Welcome to the site, hope you have a great time.
  8. Hey not all of us are like that :finger:
  9. Yeah I should have stated members who have contributed to the site can advertise their videos all they want. Newer members have to give something back.

    And on that note, this is closed.
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