Hey everyone, Rhodes is gonna make us a new BETTER banner!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Now there is a thread so he can't back out :burns:
  2. There's a status where he said he could create a better banner than Vince's, so I'm making sure he doesn't forget :otunga:
  3. Ok someone tag him. I gotta see dis.
  4. @[Rhodes]
  5. It takes time to make a banner. damn. I'm working on it.
  6. :dafuq: That's my word you fucking vanilla midget! :damn: :damn: I'm gonna whoop dat ass
  7. [​IMG]



    Not anywhere close to being done yet, but I have to go for awhile, so I'll finish later.
  8. No offence but both of those suck in comparison to Vince's.
  9. They actually don't work. The bottom one can work if you get the WWE champion in the middle and a different picture of Ziggler and Jericho.
  10. No offence Rhodes but both those suck in comparison. You complained about the lighting on Vince but it ain't any better on here.
  11. :facepalm1: can't we just leave the banner the way it is? Honestly they is nothing wrong with it...
  12. Imao, those suck.

    I thought you were gonna go fix the "lightning" on this current one?
  13. Did he say what wrestlers he will put in.
  14. Cause the lighting isn't good enough apparently.
  15. :facepalm: I don't even.... Fuck this shit.... Just keep Vince's please....
  16. Vince's looks a lot better currently.
  17. Don't get a picture with someone holding a title, because when they lose it it looks really outdated.
  18. The new banner is awesome!!! nice work vince :burns:
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