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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by mark_htfc, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I would first like to start off by saying that this forum looks great.

    Anyway onto me, my name is Mark, I'm 23 and I'm from Huddersfield in England (UK). I'm a big sports fan and I love going to watch my local football team, Huddersfield Town home and away, I also go over to watch Northern Ireland. Other than that I watch pretty much any sport on TV and I also enjoy spending time on the computer.

    Now onto wrestling, when I was younger I used to love watching wrestling, I pretty much watched it week in week out, but after I got to about 14/15 I stopped watching it, after I found out it was fake (I know, I know, it seems daft it took me so long to realise it, but until I was told by my dad I was none the wiser hah), after that I used to just watch the odd-show here and there when I managed to catch it on TV, I did still keeping buying WWE games though and I think the only one I missed was WWE 10.

    Now though, I've only just got back into wrestling this past 2/3 weeks on a more permanent basis, after catching one or two of the shows on Sky Sports and really enjoying the storyline between Big Show and John Cena, I thought, you know what? I actually do miss watching WWE as it's great. So I then went onto youtube and watched the feud with Brock Lesnar coming back and that was brilliant, so over the past 4/5 days all I have done is watch previous shows from the past month or so, and I also wanted to find a forum to talk about WWE as everyone I know doesn't watch it, so after a quick google search for WWE fans forums, I came across here.

    Getting back into it has been a bit tricky though as there is a lot of superstars I've never heard of, but I know quite a lot still who have been in it for years, so while I don't have a favourite one right at the minute, my all time favourite would have to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, when I was younger he was the one I always wanted to watch, and his Stone Cold Stunner will never get old :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Sorry for the long intro :emoji_slight_smile:.

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  2. Welcome to the forums man. It's nice that you're back to wrestling, and this is the perfect place to discuss it. Most people are friendly and all. :burns:
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  3. Welcome to the forum :emoji_slight_smile: i was 14 when i realised wwe wasnt real and im glad it took me that long to figure out :yay 12-14 were the best years ever cause me and all my friends loved wrestling :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. Hey man, very nice intro thread :emoji_slight_smile:. Stone Cold is my all time favourite too and don't worry about not knowing too many stars, we can help you.

    Huddersfield went on a massive unbeaten run didn't they? Congrats on promotion too (you did get promoted right? Lol).

    Thanks for signing up bud.
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  5. Hello Mark. Since you've put time and effort into your introduction thread, I'm going to give you a quality reply. It's nice to see that you're back onto wrestling, we're passionate wrestling fans here and we have been for a very long time. It is OK to take the occasional break and not watch it for a while however we all come back and start watching wrestling again. I've watched wrestling ever since I was a kid and really enjoy wrestling with huge passion towards it. You'll have a fantastic time here as we're all mature, hold various different live discussions and have discussions in regards to the latest news, rumour(s) and event(s).
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  6. Thanks everyone :emoji_slight_smile:,

    @Vince - at least it isn't only me then who found out at such a late age, I must admit that was probably one of the worst times ever, when my dad told me it was fake, I was gutted.

    @Crayo - aye we did, broke a Football League record, and was only a few games of Arsenal's all time record :emoji_slight_smile:, we did win promotion, finally at the 3rd attempt :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    @Saylor - thanks for taking the time out to do a nice response, I must admit it has been great getting back into it, and having a quick browse around the forum it does look brilliant, and I can't wait to dive in. It will help being part of a forum, as it means I can start to understand it a bit better. As tbh, I'm still totally confused on the whole Raw/Smackdown split.
  7. That's understandable. The thing is, a few years ago, that split was very strong, with Raw performers on Raw and SD guys on SD. There were even feuds between the two brands. But today, it is pretty much void, because most people perform on both brands. It should be ignored, I believe.
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  8. Thanks for that, I knew that the split was happening and I remember they did the show, when each one went to either Raw or SD. I assumed they till had them split with the two brands still being in existence, as with me not knowing the wrestlers today, nor the brand they was with, I just thought what we see on each show, was the people associated to the brand etc. At least it's now one less thing to try get my head around again :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:,
  9. Indeed, it's easier now that you don't have to remember who's on which brand. Now everyone's everywhere. :dawg:
  10. Welcome to the forums mate :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. First off I'm a Wednesday fan so you'll probably hate me, but I <3 you for the playoff final. Secondly, what do you think of the Jordan Rhodes saga, you think you'll hold onto him or what?
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  12. You'll get around it quick, it won't take long. You would've noticed a lot of things have been going on recently but you'll get around it once you start watching it frequently and (if you wish to) once you start posting around. You can view wrestlers profile on the WWE website so you're aware of the current roster and wrestlers in existence in WWE: www.wwe.com.
  13. Welcome to the forum! We all start somewhere it took me ages to actually know about 5 wrestlers. Hope to see you around on the forum, it is a great place!
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  14. I actually don't have a problem with Wednesday :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, the 4-4 draw last season was a great football game, that swung from one team to there other and then around again.

    As for Rhodes, I'd like to think he will stay with us for the coming season, if we hadn't of won promotion then I would have said the chances of us holding onto him would be zero, but since we won promotion I'd say it's 50/50, as a club we don't need to sell him which is a bonus, but it all depends on who comes in for him.
  15. Welcome Mark, and the Stone Cold stunner was the best thing to see whenever Stone Cold got in the ring :boss: random and funny as hell. We are friendly and we'll keep you in touch with all the superstars of today, so enjoy your time here, and if you ever need help just give me a hell yeah.
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  16. Welcome to the forum, Mark.

    Enjoy your stay here. But remember, wrestling isn't fake. :pity:

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  17. Slow on the up take as I forget who I have said hello to and haven't!

    Welcome on board though mate hope you enjoy ur time here!

    It's good fun, plenty of banter and always something going on!

    Hope to see u around have a bit already!
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  18. Welcome to the site!
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