Hey guys!

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  1. Name: Eddie
    Favourite Superstar & Why: kofi kingston bcause I like the way he rolls (hell yeah :yes:)
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling:1 month but i used to watch sumo
    Favourite Wrestling Company:WWE
    How did you find the site? From friends :dawg:
    Will I be active here: :maybe: :kiss:
  2. Hey hope u stick around !
  3. Hey yo thanks man! :laugh:
  4. Kofi Kingston u serious bro ?
  5. of course, he can do stuffs anybody else couldnt do man

    Like a boss :boss!:
  6. welcome to the site
    but kofi is an asshole :emoji_grin: sorry
  7. :no:

    how can u say that??? EXPLAIN :angry:
  8. Welcome to WWEForums. I'm glad Wade Barrett defeated him for the Intercontinental Championship.
  9. the guy can´t wrestle in my opinion, his mic skills are not that good, i hate seeing them as a face, but i would hate more seeing him as a heel, so in my mind, there´s no place for him, and his "I can fly" gimmick is overrated.

    Thats my opinion tho, you are welcome to have your own
  10. Welcome on board fella. Ignore the Kofi hate I like the guy for a midcard talent he is hugely entertaining compared to some.
  11. sometimes to rise even higher, a man must have to fall down my fellow friend :smug:



    First, if he cant wrestle he wouldnt be in the WWE,, RIGHT
    Second, sometimes silence is golden (if u know what i mean :maybe:emoji_slight_smile:
    Third, at least he tries to fly by jumping better than anyone else,, especially john cen* oops
  12. You've got a point. Although after his loss you'd expect him to slowly go higher up the ranking, e.g, Dolph Ziggler when he lost the United States Championship. Kofi Kingston in my opinion will continue to be underused.
  13. Yeahh right? without him the mid level wouldnt be as good


    Yeah everyone just underestimated him... i dont know why....
  14. first... right... because everybody in WWE can wrestle ... look at khali or hornswaggle for example....
    sadly in this bussiness, silence is not golden, you have to be able to cut promos and be charismatic if you wanna be over
    talking about cena doesn´t hurt me one bit, if that´s what you tried to do... i dont like cena either, but i refuse to put kofi in the same rank as the high flyers like the hardyz for example, or even rey misterio
  15. Welcome to the site :smug: I like Kofi too, don't let people bring you down about that, he's pretty cool. He was awesome in his feud with Randy.
  16. Welcome to the site pal, you'll have some fun here. I for one like Kofi.
  17. Hey rey is going to be a HOF so STFU , love xoxoxoxox
  18. I dont say he is on the same rank as rey misterio
    he is unique as he has his own style which make him awesome :maybe:
  19. If you want me to be honest I think Kofi has more talent then Jeff and them. Kofi is talented no doubt, the promo cutting, it can work he just needs to be more aggressive. If you look at his feud with Orton he was aggressive and it worked well, him putting Orton through tables, messing up his car, etc. It was all great, it's just that he is being misused again. Jeff and Matt are good, but I see more talent in Kofi, and better since I doubt he'll make the same mistakes they made.
  20. yeah i think they made him lose the title so he can beat CM Punk in Royal Rumble and then face the rock at wrestlemania main event
    It would be awesome if they did that, no? :smug:
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