Hey, I need help.

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  1. Which one has the better speeds?



    Quick Modem under the residential rates?


    (Only two service providers around me).
  2. I dont know :upset: fast internet is overrated anyway.
  3. @[Jonathan] get yo ass in here! :((
  4. @[Miz] go on Skype when you see this.
  5. Mike could probably help you.
  6. @[Mike.]
  7. Ultra100 had 100Mbps down and 5Mbps up
    ColdWater has 6Mbps down and 1Mbps up

    Obviously, Charter is better but it'll cost more.
  8. get charter I only pay for 12mbps

  9. How much do you pay @[Mike.]?
  10. Buy the plus and you'll probably get like 50mpbs

    My friend pays for the 30 and gets 55


    Idk I have phone TV and internet for like 140 a month


    the 30 is 30 dollars for the first year ask them how long the contact is and what it goes up to
  11. :dafuq: fucking at&t. i got 12Mbps also but I get up to 11.50 on speedtest.

    I want charter in my area. :yay:
  12. @[Jonathan] I said my limit a month was $60.00

    Is that good? 100Mbps download. 5Mbps upload

  13. LOOOl I use to have att fastest speed they had was fucking 6 mbps and not even 1.0 upload..


    upload sucks, seriously just get the 30, you can't tell the difference
  14. @[Mike.] is Charter Ultra 100 worth it? o.o
  15. not really just because of the shitty upload... upload is really what matters for games and other ish, wait the extra 4 mins on a movie and save 30 bucks!
  16. Ahh ok.
  17. yah they got uverse now and their fastest is only 24Mbps and only 3Mbps upload. the standard price for that is like $63 but they do offer promos for 1 year. :((
  18. what cable do you have near you? Comcast?
  19. Me or Hoss? I have Charter, Dish, and BPU.
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