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  1. Basically this is a thread explaining what I am.

    As the title states, I rather enjoy spoiling people's enjoyment of big moments by giving away results. I make sure I do so by adding a dramatic, eye-catching title which makes it almost impossible for you to miss. Then, just to irritate you even more, I add these failed image tags:

    Before posting a hyperlink encouraging you to read more of the undoubtedly shitty article which is awkwardly displayed on WWE.com.

    Oh yeah, and just to irritate you even more, I will not only double post, but triple and quadruple post just to really get under your skin.

    Thanks for the taking the time to read my story.


  2. Wade Barrett wins the Intercontinental Championship

    Double posting a thread that spoils wrestling results? WWE.com bot, have you read the rules?
  3. RE: Wade Barrett wins the Intercontinental Championship

    Spoiled it too. Ugh.
  4. I don't care if it's an official WWE thing, I imagine it's stiill irritating for those who don't want to find out. STUPID FUCKING BOT

    And @"Crayo" the other thread disappeared when I merged them? Such a stressful morning :bury:
  5. I still love you botty.
  6. I love you more botty, Crayo just uses you.
  7. The truth is that this bot has no penis.
  8. :shock:
  9. why is a thread stickied that spoils results? are you really encouraging this member to break the rules more?

    sometimes i wonder the politics that goes on on this forum
  10. At it again you son of a
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