Hey Randy, I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS!!!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by WarMachine, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. While it's pretty clear to me that Randy will walk out of Elimination Chamber as champion, I have now learned that isn't expected to last.

    Source: F4WOnline and PWInsider. And I quote "WWE wants to have Brock Lesnar win the WWE World Title on RAW Feb 24, the day after the Elimination Chamber PPV. That’s the day the WWE Network will become available & WWE wants a big shocker on RAW. If they will go that route in the end isn’t sure but that’s at least an option they are thinking of right now. That would then lead to Lesnar vs Batista at WrestleMania."

    I, for one would love this. Have Bad News Barrett come out on the podium, say "Congratulations Randy, you won the Elimination Chamber." "However, I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS!!! You're defending the title tonight. AGAINST THIS MAN!!!!"

    *Brock Lesnar's music hits and the match begins*

    That would be the best BNB segment by a long shot.
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  2. That would put Barrett in a higher position. Maybe we could see Brad Maddox vs. Wade Barrett for the control of Raw at 'Mania 30. Thinking outside the box dawg!
  3. I would love to see Lesnar hold the titles though.
  4. It's a no from me, I can't say I'd be excited to see Lesnar V Batista at WM, it's bad enough having Batista win the RR to be honest, let alone have Lesnar wing the bloody title too.
  5. You've gotta admit it's better than seeing Brock against Taker. Taker is more fragile than glass furniture for god sake and Brock could end his career easily. Another thing, Brock and Batista have never faced off on TV let alone a PPV. They have though. (in OVW and at a house show with interference from Triple H and Ric Flair)
  6. Agreed that it would be better, you just know though that whoever Taker faces, be it Lesnar or not, he will end up winning anyway. As if neither of them have ever faced on TV? Back in the day yeah the match up would have been great, but these days I just don't like Lesnar's role, and I can see Batistas role being pointless as well.
  7. I'd love to see that. Lesnar is the only person I'd possibly enjoy seeing Batista go up against. I don't know how Lesnar would get his title shot though since he couldn't get a chamber spot, unless Orton did something to piss the Authority off.
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    Yeah, it seems like either next week or on the go home show, he'll do something to piss them off. He could do something like attack Betty White next week or if they have a guest star the week after, do that. Then the Raw after EC, Orton could come out only to learn he's defending his title but they won't reveal his opponent. They could allow Bad News Barrett to "deliver the news" about his opponent.
  9. As long as I see at least 3 F5s and a Kimura Lock that writes Batista off for all of Summer I'm happy.
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  10. Well, whatever. Unless they turn all this crap into a storyline where Bryan wins the title as a babyface and has to fight against Batista so they make a work out of all of this stuff, I'm not watching the WM main event. So, why not?
  11. I would mark to see Lesnar destroy Randy Orton.
  12. Don't see this happening at all. I get the idea of wanting to do something big on the night the Network launches, but if Brock is winning the belt, why not just put him in the chamber? Lesnar inside the elimination chamber would be a huge sell, we'd get to see him interact with a handful of different WWE superstars at once (nearly all who we'll never get to see him interact with or feud with otherwise) and winning a match that's deemed "the most brutal match in WWE history" makes Lesnar look all the more stronger heading into Wrestlemania.
  13. He gets paid differently for PPVs. Brock's schedule is dependent upon whatever Brock wants to do. PPVs cost more for Brock to do. In the eyes of WWE, having Brock win on RAW is better for ratings and for business, as he would be paid less.
  14. That's a pretty soft reason not to put Brock into the chamber match imo. I doubt the difference in what he gets paid would matter a whole lot to a company as huge as WWE. Plus, Lesnar's championship win would make news and cause a ratings spike anyway. It would also be a great way to end the WWE's last traditional PPV event before every one of them (starting with Wrestlemania XXX) becomes available on the Network from here on out.

    I don't think doing the title switch on Raw would be a bad move, just that it's preferable to me to do it on PPV instead.
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  15. Depends how big they want to make that RAW tbh. I've seen reports saying it's going to be like RAW 1000, with returns like Undertaker, Austin, Hogan, etc.
  16. I know where you're coming from, but you know how stingy WWE is with money. I'd imagine WWE wants to make this RAW huge, as they need to make a lasting impression on people to buy the network.
  17. Would rather see the crowd burying Orton vs Batista making it one of the worst ME ever and get Bork vs Taker rather than Bork vs Batista.
    That can happen later for example at ER. MMA Fighting match (inside a hexagon) and Batista losing the title to the real beast. Bork Lensarrr
  18. I actually like the idea of Brock vs. Batista as it's different and not expected to happen. However, Brock vs. Taker wouldn't be stale and I feel that's more likely to happen. Taker is fragile but look at what him and Triple did at WrestleMania 28...he's not that fragile. He can handle some f5's and chair shots.
  19. My God that would be amazing.
  20. I'll run into this thread and specifically ask you this: What does it take to get you to be interested in Bryan/HHH?

    Ignoring the topic because it's not happening. Snowbomb.
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