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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. How popular is this dude in your country.

    30 mil views is pretty decent, i ran on this dude watching schmoyoho ffs, and ended up watching him play some weird game called Lucius. It was hilarious.
  2. 2, he's a 2 on the popular scale in the great white north of snow and deers.
  3. One of the if not the most popular Swedish youtuber, at least within his genré.
  4. got any other vids i should check out for cheap laughs? so far i'm 2/2, this dude is hilariously random.
  5. Watch him play Happy Wheels of Amnesia.
  6. lol there are like 50 let's play videos?!
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    PewDiePie has some funny content, but after a while the "lel i got scared and screamed" gets annoying and boring. Not to mention he has one of the most cancerous list of followers ever to inhabit the earth. They literally post nothing but stupid shit and raid other peoples content saying pewdiepie did it first, usually with messages that would make gohan look like fucking Mark Twain.

    His wife is pretty hot though, but hey, Sweden.

    Markiplier is another popular youtuber that does those types of videos (cheap, often fake scares or forced shock/rage), but his community isn't (mostly) filled with retards. Plus Markiplier has a badass voice.
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  8. This. Pewdipie's followers are R-tards.
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  9. Pewdiepie fucking sucks.
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  10. usually with messages that would make gohan look like fucking Mark Twain. - enough for an hour worth of laughs.

    I'm glad im catching this all after the fact, the Lucius game looks interesting and gave me some cheap laughs, ill check out the other guy too.
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  11. Guessing you're talking about pewd and not his fans. Like I said, he has some pretty funny stuff when the novelty is fresh, but it might wear off pretty quickly if you watch a lot in order, depends what you're into though.
  12. Yeah i dont care about the fanbase, just random laughter. As i stated before i was listening to some schmoyoho and his "lets play lucius" deal popped up. I was about to DL the game until i spoiled the (lack of) ending to the game.
  13. His fans are taking up way to much oxygen on this Earth. they need to cut down, to 0.
  14. I've always been curious about one thing though, did he get his name partly from Pinkie Pie?
  15. Not sure. He was doing this stuff before MLP I think.
  16. Ah, well I have seen him in a video use her as a avatar to a game, I think it was Call of Duty, or just a game similar to is :hmm:
  17. Are you fucking kidding me? He's the most subscribed youtuber...
  18. congrats on having a boner for him.
  19. PewdiePie fuck suck

    Read the comments and see his retarded fan base attack
  20. PewDiePie is just too repetitive for my tastes,most of his content is the same. If you're looking for a non-repetitive,funny Youtuber you should definitely check out Boogie2988. Not only does he have a ton of funny videos,but, he also has a lot of good,serious videos.

    Funny vid of his:

    Serious vid of his:
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