Hey wait a minute- Rowan's back! (Rant on how this played out)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by C.M. Shaddix, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. So, for those of you unclear because WWE has not made this a big deal what so ever, and I for one did not notice this until not 1, not 2 but 3 visits to WWE.com's main page that Erick Rowan was in the ring and not Luke Harper in the main event, Rowan has returned! But WWE gave no fucks lmao....

    I watched some Youtube videos from Raw 10/19 and realized WWE just did not acknowledge it at all, like he's always been there. Luke Harper had a personal matter to take care of so he couldn't be on Raw. So Rowan took his place, we have the Roman Reigns-Bray Wyatt promo, when the Wyatt family appears, it not Harper to the left of Wyatt, IT'S ERICK ROWAN. Commentators and the crowd didn't make a reaction or anything since Bray was the main focus.

    No explanation? No give it a good noticable return? Guess not... way to go WWE lol.
  2. The most underwhelming comeback of the year goes to Erick Rowan, for sure.

    He just popped up there and they CBA to even let Bray explain why was he there, back in the family.
  3. Is he still a genius?
  4. Nah, just a guy wearing a white sheep mask.
  5. Wrong - they did mention Rowan, when Wyatt first appeared. Cole said 'Who's that in the white sheep mask'. And when the attack ensued Cole said he's been gone and no one knew what happened to him.
  6. Well, that's the question. There's so many guys in the back wearing a white sheep mask, you just have to wonder who it could be.
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    Oh, Cole... Never change.
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  9. Oh, right. :smirk2:
  10. Too late
  11. lol All the things WWE related you could rant about and you choose THIS?

    We all knew he was gonna rejoin the Family the second he returned anyway. Hell, he had already realigned with Luke Harper before Harper himself even reunited with Bray. I suppose they could have reintroduced him into the family in a better way (like having him cost Ambrose, Reigns, and someone their 37th six-man tag match against the Wyatts), but then the Wyatts shouldn't need any help winning matches when they've got a huge monster of a man like Braun Strowman on their side now.

    I typically enjoy taking the piss out of WWE for stupid things, but I'll give them a pass here.
  12. :downer:
  13. Kayfabe answer:
    Let's suppose Randy Orton was abducted and is being held captive somewhere, who should Wyatt trust to make sure Orton doesn't escape?
    On one hand you have Luke Harper, a guy who's loyal and has never given Wyatt a reason to not trust him.
    On the other hand you have Erick Rowan, who man who turned his back on the family and went rogue.
    If you read in between the lines, that is the likely scenario. Strowman's debut was a complete surprise and consequently so was Rowan's return.

    Rowan's medical clearance is WWE's concern, but its up to Wyatt whether he shows or not.
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