Hey, what happened to the Tough Enough winner?

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  1. That show was such a joke, lmao.

    I remember, the winner's name was Alex or something, right? I don't remember. Where is that dude?
  2. Andy Leavine, the big guy who's the mini version of the Big Show; Can't sell or move.
  3. WHO CARE? Andy Leavine SUCK! He should NEVER have won! Luke should have won Luke was a much better then Andy Stone Cold was wrong on this 1. He juge Andy as a "Tougher Guy" when that should have pick the who would wrestler better and that was CLEARLY Luke! That said Luke would have been cuasser in the looker room yet Andy within the 1st month on being in FCW he fail wellness and is gong 30 day! Yes good job WWE! NOT!
  4. He was sent to FCW to improve his ring skills. He's not just going to debut immediately lol.
  5. WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine was working the door at last night’s FCW show in Kissimmee, Florida. Leavine was

    collecting ticket stubs from fans entering the building.
    Leavine, of course, won last year re-boot series of WWE “Tough Enough”. Just as he started to get a few video promo’s ran for him on TV, he was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.
    So, we’re glad he’s back to work in one way or another.


    Pretty old report but it shows how they feel about him.
  6. Andy sucks if Martin didn't get injured he should've won. Either him or Luke should've won as we could have seen them on TV by now. It's almost been a full year since Andy's won and ever since he hasn't even done anything for WWE.
  7. Lmao he immediately broke the wellness policy? Such a badass.
  8. He couldn't sell a hamburger to Samoa Joe. I remember him taking the Stone Cold stunner and it was pa-the-tic
  9. The last decent tough enough winner was Maven.
  10. Who care? Who care? Who care?
    I care... I care about adding the 's' to the end of my plurals
    Obviously, someone care....errr... cares

    F*** me, I 'd better go away again and read a couple of book
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  11. Last decent Tough Enough CONTESTANT was the Miz. He went somewhere for real!
  12. Yeah? Where'd he go, exactly?

  13. To the WWE Championship. But we all know what happens to rising stars!
  14. Miz didn't win tough enough.

  15. i was talking about actual abilities, not the overrated boring ones.
  16. Miz is such a good heel. JeebaK's posts are proof.
  17. if hate makes a good heel, than im twice the heel as miz
  18. You hate Miz, Miz' job is to get hate, he's a good heel since every post you make is Miz hate.

  19. Nope his job is not to get hate. Wrong again :otunga:
  20. Oh JeebaK. :pity:
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