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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. It's my birthday in a little over 4 hours.. Sucks it's on Friday the 13th, but it is my b-day :emoji_grin: :yes:
  2. GFU :dawg: . How old you gon' be.
  3. 18 even though my profile says 19 for some reason :lol:
  4. :lol: this smiley is so funny lol. Well congrats :dawg:
  5. :finley: Test.

    Thanks by the way.
  6. inb4 hit by a track :dawg:
  7. Happy Birthday BB. :emoji_wink:) :emoji_kissing_heart:* hope you have a nice 18th birthday! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    (It's already Friday here. 8D)
  8. Thanks!! Love you <3
  9. Happy birthday buddy, how old're you going to be?
  10. 18! Almost two years younger than you :haha:
  11. Well I'm 18 too, lol.
  12. Oh I thought you were almost 20 haha.
  13. Happy Birthday buddy have fun lols I dont remember much of my 18th all those years ago lmao!
  14. Lol nah. I'm 18, Xanth is 17. I'm 19 in 5 days :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    I'm always awkward about revealing my age, mainly because I don't want to think the older users would hesitate to debate/discuss things with me but no one does and most people here know my age, which is great.

    Me and Cloud have the ultimate bromance even though he's a bit older than me (oldfag ftw).
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  15. Happy Birthday CRAYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... <3 :emoji_kissing_heart:***
  16. Age is a number at the end of the day Crayo we can all act more mature or immature dependent on circumstances tbh.
  17. 5 DAYS NOOB :((


    Edit: @Cloud, definitely. Leo IIRC Is quite young (or at least younger than me) and there isn't many more mature than that legend.
  18. Yeah Leo comes across as older than he is as he is a total legend and full credit to him top guy.
  19. I KNOW BUT I'LL NOT BE ONLINE NEXT WEEK. It's prelims week, so i'll need to study. I may not be able to greet you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY CRAYOOOOOOOOOOOO... <3
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