Heyman being silenced during Brock's absence?

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  1. Interesting article. Basically says WWE (AKA Vince and Paul) may be keeping Heyman quiet while Brock is not making appearances in a hope to slide that fact by some fans.


    Awesome meme to go with the article

    :win: Although I imagine Bryan will have been out for much longer than Brock will be before he shows up again.

    What do you guys think about the whole situation here?
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    Yeah, I'm sure people won't notice when your world champion isn't on the show. :facepalm1:

    So I guess we have the Network to blame for not seeing more of Lesnar, too? Because if they were still on PPV, then making their money back to balance out the cash that Brock gets paid per appearance or match wouldn't be much of an issue. And I might be in the minority here, but I would have been fine with Lesnar vs Big Show since at least Brock would have been defending his belt on the show. I actually care to see Lesnar defend his championship every month, no matter who his opponent is. (Brock vs Cena and Ambrose versus Rollins, both taking place inside the cell, would have been the perfect way to go, though.)

    Also, to be fair, the whole "you must defend the title every 30 days" rule shouldn't really apply here. The Authority never wanted Daniel Bryan as the champion, so of course they'll look for any excuse to stripe him. They're fine with Brock as champion, however, so it makes sense that they'd be willing to let him take a lot of time off.

    I still believe they'll have Lesnar defend the title against someone at Survivor Series, even if it's just another match with Cena.
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  3. On a lighter note, that photo needs to be in the Funny Wrestling Pictures.

    Now, let's get down to business... Daniel Bryan's absence is justified and rightfully so, due to a serious injury...

    I get the logic 'Lesnar is a hot property, and he's only gonna be doing PPVs.' He's a part-timer and all... But ever since he's won the WWE-WHC he's defended it only once and almost lost it... I get that they were trying to protect Cena, but what they should've done is have Lesnar vs Cena in a HIAC match to settle the score and end the feud, with Lesnar winning, of course. But nah, they're keeping him off TV till January, I get that this is the time of the year that really 'doesn't matter'. For the fans who are gonna be complaining for not having the WWE-WHC on the show every month... They could've put meaningless opponents to fight him, like Show and Henry, just to have him defend it every month. But okay, I'm not mad about it, whatever...

    And I get that some fans are going to be angry about Lesnar not doing every PPV, why shouldn't they be? He's the face of the company... But knowing that WWE's roster is so thin right now, it's the right choice by WWE, sort of. Also, why pay the guy so much money to do a PPV match when the only guy he can fight is Cena? And after he's done with Cena, who's next? Cena, Rollins and Ambrose are like the only ME guys out there. And it's too early for Ambrose and Rollins to be facing Brock. Perhaps at RR they could go with either Ambrose or Cena... Maybe they've made the right choice, financially, anyways...

    Plus, they should totally pull the plug on WWE Network.
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  4. Exactly lol

    And to your point about the WWEN - if its true, this just makes me dislike Brock better. I understand about contracts and previous deals made, but if you are actually there for the people, for the action, for the actually physically being part of the WWE then I would think one would be ok with getting a little less if they couldn't afford it. Well if I was in that situation I would anyway. Was Brock really like 'You can't pay me? I'm out. And I'm taking this with me' ? Cause thats some BS IMO
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  5. I can't really blame Lesnar in this situation. He gets paid handsomely to work not even 1/10th of what the rest of the roster does and gets to spend the rest of his time sitting at home. And since WWE can use him for as often as they'd like now, it's their call to have him miss PPV's, not Brock's.

    It is funny they thought Lesnar being champion would cause Network subscriptions to go up, yet their brilliant follow-up to that plan is to possibly have him go missing for nearly four months with the title. Seeing as how people can now subscribe to the Network by the month now (for only 9... no, 12.99!), not a very good plan.
  6. Did the price go up? I hadn't heard that
  7. No, I mean subscribing only one month at a time. The way it is now, you can still pay $9.99 for a six-month commitment (although you can choose whether to pay that entire $60 all at once or pay only $10 monthly) or you can subscribe for just one single month, but that will cost you $12.99.


    My point was, if Lesnar winning the title was intended to lure in more subscribers, it was a good move since you're stuck paying for it for six months... except now that they've afforded you the option of only subscribing one month at a time, people can choose not to resubscribe if they hear or see that Lesnar isn't gonna show up for another three months.
  8. Ohhh 12.99 for one month at a time. News to me haha. I've had it since it was available.
  9. I don't buy this "fans are starting to realize" stuff. Seriously, this has been common knowledge for years now that Brock won't always be there. But, yeah, now they have to work their way around a part timer with the belt because apparently they forgot to build new stars for a while, so now that we're in a transition period and the one guy they built got hurt so yeah, they do deserve to be screwed.
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  10. How is Brock Lesnar good for business?
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  11. Since when does WWE know what's good for business?
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  12. Really, unless there's a promo that involves Lesnar, there's no point to him being on the show. Good call.

    So, in other words if you get the 1 month subscription on the day of Hell in a Cell, you can get 2 PPV's for 12.99? :damn:

    (HIAC on the 26th and Survivor Series on the 23rd)
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  13. Technically, yes. Nothing better than working the system. :4/10:
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  14. Hmm, we're not all that stupid to not wonder about where our WWE champion is, Vince. Heyman should be with Cesaro, who should be getting a bigger push than he is (although I smell a big Intercontinental Championship feud coming) and with a mouthpiece so he's back on track to fight Lesnar at WM31 - especially with Reigns and Bryan injured.
  15. I thought Reigns was back in a couple weeks?
  16. That meme is perfect.
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