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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Just me that thought Heyman's promo particularly was a promo of the year contender? My God it was amazing. Punk's was fantastic too, and I think he is performing wonderfully in this underdog babyface role at the moment. He's not like any of the other faces; love it. Lesnar man-handling CM Punk was also fantastic to watch.

    What did you think of the segment?
  2. If I had power rankings for that segment it would be:

    1.) Brock whooping dat ass
    2.) Heyman's promo
    3.) Punk's promo

    Heyman was amazing on the stick, but i still can't buy into 'tough guy' Punk. He wasn't bad though, persay. Lesnar is the man though. He is one of the only guys that can truly have me suspending disbelief like 'holy fuck he might kill this little fucker!"
  3. The entire segment was very entertaining, and Brock's attack looked like an actual attack where you thought he might kill Punk. Reminded me of Brock's attack on Zach Gowen. Not quite as gruesome but still had me believing ...
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  4. Not an injury. Kayfabe.
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  5. It was a top segment, awesome by promo by both Heyman and Punk and then a great beatdown by Brock. Awesome stuff.
  6. I think the entire segment was great. The interaction between Heyman and CM Punk on the mic, and the interaction with Punk and Brock. They both went on a personal level and got involved with the crowd, and Punk didn't look weak during the brawl, but at the same time Lesnar still looked like a complete monster.
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  7. if you weren't sold on the match before, the promo sure sold it
  8. I just wonder if Curtis Axel is gonna play any kind of part in this. If i remember right Punk said that he'll beat anyone of his clients, soo... We'll just have to see what happens next week.
  9. Since Lesnar obv isn't going to be there every week, makes sense that Axel gets involved with Punk a bit.
  10. They might also have Punk miss next week because of his kayfabe injury, too.

    I thought CM Punk did a great job looking like the fighting underdog in that brawl... Because damn does he look scrawny up against Brock lol.

    I thought it was a good personal promo between Punk and Heyman, and I marked huge when Lesnar's music hit and knew we were about to get a brawl.

    I'm predicting we'll get two or three matches between the two, with Punk losing every single one of them except the last one. Punk's role in this story against Brock, which was highlighted last night, is that even if he looks like the underdog and even if he loses at first, he'll still keep coming back until he wins. He got owned last night but as you could see at the end, he was refusing medical attention and no doubt he'll keep asking for more until he manages to put down Brock. Booking/match wise, this seems to indicate to me that he'll put up a good fight but lose at Summerslam.

    Maybe he'll sell a kayfabe injury after that and miss the next PPV, Night Of Champions.

    Then he'll return and he and Brock will rekindle their feud at Over The Limit. That match could end up being a Last Man Standing match where it ends in a draw when neither guy can answer the ten count (doubt this, as we just got this ending at Extreme Rules), or where Brock just barely gets up before the 10 count. Think of how Triple H and Jericho were both laid out in their LMS match at Fully Loaded 2000 and HHH got back up to his feet right before the last count. This shows how close Punk is to keeping Brock down. The feud by this point also gives meaning to the PPV name Over The Limit.

    And this now leads to the finale, which is wrestling in a HIAC match at the PPV of the same name later that month. And this is where Punk pulls out everything he has to finally put Brock down and defeat him. Punk walks out on his own two feet while Brock is seen limping away on spaghetti legs from the punishment he took. Punk can give a promo the next night talking about how it may have taken him two tries but he did what he said he'd do, and that's put down Brock Lesnar.
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  11. Glad I'm not the only person that thinks Punk isn't believable as a "tough guy". Half of his title reign was spent running away from people.
  12. True. Punk really looked scrawny when compared to Brock (especially given that he was wearing shorts, he kinda looked like a boy trying to fight this big monster, which was what they were going for I suppose), and yeah the booking of the matches makes sense. It'd be pretty good if they made this a three-match feud, hoping they have enough Brock appearances for that, and having the blow off at HIAC is good so the stipulation means something again. Punk losing the first two times and finally beating him in the third is pretty good, then I suppose Lesnar would stay away until he comes back for his WM feud. Not really much to add here, great post.
  13. Watching Lesnar man-handling Punk like that made me think Punk won't get him clean. It's either him losing or finding a way to win. However I have a feeling that I'm wrong because #WWELogic.

    You look at Punk trying to take down Lesnar it's like a chicken trying to wrestle a cow. It wouldn't work.

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  14. Seriously... the content sounds a bit too beta for me... Heyman is butthurt Punk is moving on so he's shoving a rod up Punk's a**

    One story is better than no story at all so I can't cry. Just a tad on the romantic side for me
  15. It was just awesome. Damn, I think both promos will be nominated to be the promo of the year.
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  16. It served it's purpose,it not only told a story but sold the match. Out of the three guys in the segment Brock did the best,he beat that ass like there was no tomorrow.
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  17. SS: Punk Loses
    NOC: Punk asks Heyman for a rematch. Heyman (who has a new client or Axel has dropped the title) denies. He needs to face first curtis/new client. Punk wins
    OTL: Double Countout
    HIAC: Punk wins. Lesnar moves on and Punk has a short feud (Wyatt?) till he wins the RR14 and faces Bryan at WM30
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  18. I loved the segment from start to finish. It was one of those moments that the WWE has from time-to-time that is just pure entertainment. In my opinion Heyman and Punk work extremely well together and have that natural chemistry between them. I'm looking forward to their segments in the future and how Lesnar will fit into everything.
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