News Heyman teases signing of new Heyman guy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. So who do you think it'll be this time?

    I hope he has been part of the selection process this time. Although from what I understand he was during the picking of Axel as well.
  2. Cesaro has to be next. Heyman & Cesaro is WWEWHC material for the second half of 2014. Cesaro won't become a main-event player without someone talking for him, and who better than Heyman? Also, sets up the possibility of Cesaro vs. Brock in the future.

    But it will probably be some lame ass from NXT.
  3. Would be interesting if it was someone from outside of WWE.
  4. I have a strange feeling it could be RVD, but I'd say someone like Enzo Amore could use him.
  5. Enzo, really? If it's one thing Enzo don't need it's a dude to talk for him. Dude's got the mic work down to a T
  6. I know, but knowing how the NXT transitions usually don't go so well, I imagine he could have Paul guide him for a while, then go solo. He should still be able to cut his promos on his own. Biggest problem with him is that he's still with Colin Cassady, so giving him Heyman would be outta nowhere.
  7. Would be cool to see him with another great talker so we get more should-have-been-great segments like we had with Punk.

    Him and Sandow/BNB could be gold together, and revitalizing one of those guys could make Heyman meaningful again.
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  8. It sure it will go as well as Ryback did.
  9. Whoever it ends up being, hopefully they do a better job of selecting and booking than they did with the previous two "Paul Heyman Guys." It's starting to look pretty bad on Heyman as a manager when they keep saddling him up with people who repeatedly end up failing to impress and make an impact (Curtis Axel and Ryback, as well as Heidenrich back in 2004.)
  10. Hope it's someone who will actually go somewhere. I have no idea who it could be.
  11. Sounds good. I do think they have to think this through before they pull the trigger this time, though. No one springs to mind as far as current NXT talent, although I could be forgetting someone. Anyway, unless they've got a guy who can really go far I don't think they should bother.
  12. Makes sense since Bork will be gone for god knows how long. Hopefully it goes better than the last 2.
  13. Haha lets be real, something good happening to Sandow that's always fun to dream about.
  14. This thread is made every month.
  15. Wasn't Paige supposed to be a Paul Heyman guy or girl rather in her case before she got Injured late last season? or at least wasn't their talks/rumors about it going around?
  16. lmao, jesus, talk about a waste. Heyman in the divas division lmao.
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  17. Yeah Idk I remember them talking about her before Ryback became one.. might've just been something silly being thrown around, but yea that would be a huge waste. If it's Sandow I'll probably cry a little bit knowing that he will get somewhat of a push finally but that's way more fantasy than it is reality :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I'd rather see Heyman behind Rusev than that Russian chick. One can hope.
  19. Not too long. They're already planning something for Brock for SummerSlam
  20. sweet. I hope he beats the fuck out of DB
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