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Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. :notsure: if Raw or General WWE, so here you go....

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    Semi-? I want full time.
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  3. This should mean less appearances for punk (4 for this week is fucking weak, insert bischoff/hogan reference here) and more tv time to give him REAL heel heat. For now, he is a joke doing the same old shit, but now he hurts weak, fat old men too.
  4. ^ I know you're excited about that. :haha:
  5. Don't understand your problem at all. 4 appearances for a heel, most of them resulting in him coming out on top = good.

    It's how to get over on a 3 hour show. One segment = null.
  6. 3 hour show idea = trash. 4 segs for someone in TNA = hate, :true:. I like him, but like i said cut the Sheamus punk feud, lawler punk feud, and go with the stable or something i can enjoy = happy Aids. And, as always, the more Heyman i see/hear from, the better.
  7. No, 4 segments for Hogan/Eric = hate. 4 segments of Bully Ray, Aries, Roode etc = love.
  8. Very nice to know that Heyman will stick around, he's really talented at what he does, one of the best talkers.
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