Heyman's DVD

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RedDwarfTechy, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. Just watching it, one of the better DVDs I've ever seen :emoji_grin: anyone else seen it yet?
  2. Picked it up at Best Buy on release day and love it.
  3. I never knew he was so damn young when he started.
  4. I hope it will be on WWEN
  5. I plan to watch it, it looks great.
  6. My favourite DVD of all time now.
  7. Seen it, loved it.
  8. I never knew how much ECW adapted the world of professional wrestling, I always heard about it just being the edgy other show. I always thought of it how I think about the indies. Just the different side of the fence in terms of wrestling. But wow.

    Not to spoil this part of the doc. (because to me it was the best) But the way it shows how ECW turned WWF into "the fans run the show" kinda deal was awesome.

    8/10 - must watch. To me the Paul E. Dangerously wasn't my kind of thing, I am not really into the old school wrestling, so I was looking for the ECW-Present story of Heyman, so I was not disappointed.
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