News Heyman's insight on both Punk and WWE and their future together

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Aug 5, 2014.

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  1. Paul Heyman appeared on The MMA Hour yesterday and said CM Punk's goal in life is to never lace up his wresting boots again, whether it be for WWE, Ring of Honor, Japan or anywhere else.

    Heyman said Punk believes if he comes back, he will be a failure. Heyman also thinks that Punk feels his success in life is predicated on never going back.

    Heyman also noted that he believes WWE doesn't want Punk back ever again. Of course there's always the chance that something happens down the road and Heyman pointed this out.

    Within WWE, there's a feeling that even if Punk wanted to come back, WWE wouldn't let him and right now, they do not want him back. It's said that there still could be legal issues coming out of Punk's departure from the company.
  2. I have it on good authority that CM Punk could return next year sometime.
  3. Honestly I just don't care anymore. The implied high school dramatics happening between the WWE and CM Punk is enough to drive me nuts. Obviously the WWE has made due without him around and will continue to do so regardless of any rumors. The CM Punk chants have been annoying, but I assume those will die down once others give up hope of his return.
  4. Whilst a Punk fan and its a shame. As happens every time someone leaves someone rises up to assume there place.
  5. I'm surprised the IWC doesn't care. It's a pleasant one, actually. I assumed Punk was heroic to most considering, "I'm not going out there to tell them that...", or something to that effect.
    The Summer of Punk was about a guy who wanted to bring about change. Instead of remaining stale, he did his best to change things up. His promos reflected a lack of complacency.
    I can appreciate what he brought. Considering some of you clones are Bryan marks, it puzzles me. How can you dislike the current WWE product when Daniel Bryan is such a huge image of what's cookie cutter about WWE?

    Either way, I think Punk leaked this to Heyman on purpose. Heyman is being used by both WWE and Punk to fan the flames. Neither WWE or Punk's pride want to admit any wrongdoing, or that they need each other.
    HHH once said Punk needed WWE as a platform, and I don't think Punk has forgotten that. The more Punk panders to other media, the more it appears he's trying to stick it to the 'E'mpire.
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